Unable to upload gig video, keep saying "Processing Video"



I’ve been uploading a video to my gig since about last week, but it still says “Processing Video”. I’ve tried to upload 5MB AVI 720x480, 23FPS, 312kbps bitrate, 112kbps audio bitrate and still says "Processing Video"

I also read on some thread that it says it must in MP4, so I reupload 5MB MP4 720x404, 711kbps bitrate, 29 FPS, 112kbps Audio bitrate.

My gig is animation gig, so i think it’s impossible not to use video as preview.

Any help please ?



After uploading your video successfully video will show processing video because Fiverr staff will review this video and accept it manually if the video is good and no terms and policy violation. So you just need to save your gig after uploading video and then wait for 24 hours your video will approve by Fiverr staff.


Reply to @raselkhondokar: I’ve been waiting more than 24 hours after upload complete. Fiverr staff also didn’t notify me if there’s anything wrong with my video… No notifications nor email.

Anyway, my video is just preview of my animation and what I need to make it.


Reply to @imgvertex: I think then you need to contact customer support.


Did you ever resolve this? I uploaded my video last week and it still says processing. This upload was for a new (and my first) gig. Since the video was still processing, I have the gig paused awaiting approval. Do I just hang tight or is there something amiss? I have also created a help ticket, but that seems to not be progressing either. Thanks for helping me out.


same problem is with me
and my video too is preview of my animation.