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Unable to use diacritic mark

When sending an offer to clients in my native language Swedish I am unable to use letters with diacritic marks. For instance, the Swedish vowels – Å, Ä, Ö – do not show. It makes my messages harder to understand for obvious reasons, and it is, to be frank, rather annoying. Can it be amended somehow?

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Are you sure they are not there?

Try zooming in to 500%.

The new font Fiverr is using is funky and the dots are there but can’t be seen.

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Yes I am sure. The letters are nowhere to be seen on the page where you manage your orders. This problem occurs on the desktop version I should add.


Order page



I see that you do not believe me @marinapomorac :slight_smile: Here is a screenshot. The words “FÅR”, “KÄNNAS” and “INGÅR” obviously do not look like the way that they should. (I removed some of the text for privacy reasons.)

It is not believing :smile_cat: I am just showing what happens on my end, as sharing info.

When Fiverr changed font people talked about this and we discovered dots are there just really small.

Here, I found the topic when Fiverr changed font, check it Loving the new update! - #3 by marinapomorac

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