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Unable to view buyer requests

Hi, I am new in fiverr, and i am unable to view buyer requests, How to send offer to any cilent? Please guide some tips and tricks.

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Welcome to the Fiverr Community.

You don’t have any gigs!

Here is a free course:

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My suggestion for you. give time to fiverr and wait a specific time when get buyer. country wise time set.

At first, welcome to our community. There is more than hundred of post about fiverr tips. find and read. Thanks

You need to make a gig in a category for buyer requests to appear. The idea is, you can’t fulfill a buyer request if you don’t have a gig to fill it with. If everybody could view any request, people would probably just spam offers that don’t make sense.

So after you create your first gig, any buyer request in that category will appear as they update.

Add skills to your profile, add gigs in different categories such as “other” then the buyer requestes will show up related to those.