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Unable to view buyers feedback

I’ve recently delivered my project to the client and the order was accepted. But I was unable to view the buyer’s feedback/rating unless I leave feedback for the buyer. How would I know that its a good or bad feedback? please help, I am new to the fiverr.

It is explained here:

You must review buyer’s feedback and communication first before viewing what buyer rated you.
It’s like a blind feedback system, so no one can see the review first and may abuse the system.


The idea is to not reply based on the feedback they send you. Instead, you need to share exactly how you feel based on your experience. That’s exactly what the buyer does, he shows if he liked how you worked or not. You can’t influence your buyer’s feedback with anything other than the work quality. If he likes the way you worked with him, you don’t have to worry about anything.

How would I know if he left a positive or negative feedback so that I can put my side of inputs and working with the client?

You don’t know, and you are not supposed to know. Sellers shouldn’t manipulate the reviews based on what the buyer said. Be honest, share your experience and then you will see what he said. You will have the option to reply to the buyer’s review anyway.

You would kind-of already know based on your and buyer’s communication, if the order was delivered as buyer requested, how well it went, if you delivered the order in time, etc…

It’s not a big deal to just leave feedback to the buyer. Or you can wait 2 weeks without giving feedback, and the review will be shown there anyways, but without your review about the buyer.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.

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