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Unable to view buyers review

Since last few days i am getting this when buyer reviewed the order “you’ll be able to view buyer’s review after you leave your feedback”

Is this a new system or its just only with me?


From: A Commitment to Community: Updates to Our Product .


i really hate this new feature.


what if buyer intentionally gives a negative review and i give him a positive one?


That is what every seller has been complaining about. No one wants to look like a clown by leaving glowing 5 star reviews thanking the buyer and hoping they purchase again to someone who just said you’re the worst seller ever. :joy: Or if the buyer doesn’t know how to communicate or read, and talks about not getting something your gig doesn’t give. Can’t even reply to that, letting everyone else know that it’s not provided by the gig. So even more buyers start to expect that it should be provided. :expressionless:


This is one of the most irritating updates from a customer service position. The review on the seller is the buyer’s last opportunity to say something was unsatisfactory with their order, and if they speak up about it at this point, they usually haven’t spoken about their complaints directly to the seller.

This new system of not seeing the review makes conflict resolution much harder on the seller.

Fiverr seriously is relying too much on the buyers to use their system properly, and never seems to take a seller’s operations into consideration.


I’m not agree in absolute with this system.
But nothing new… I’m here since 2014 and majority of changes… are not for sellers bennefit.
I remember when mutual cancellations did not affect to the sellers ratio. It was a good time, but they decided to return to this we have actually.
App for mobiles fails… Sometimes i receive the message but i can’t see the attached buyer’s file.
The Custom Support is not the best we can have, but the most important thing is to wait to our review before to see buyer review.
Not happy.


This is what I’m thinking about. It’s so confusing, specially you can’t change the feedback once you left.

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This new system is absolutely uncalled for. Recently, I worked for a buyer who apparently liked my delivery but gave me a 4.4 rating because she was a newbie and didn’t know how the system worked. I have contacted CS to take down the feedback to avoid a drop in overall rating.


I’m not sure I understand the point you are trying to make? The buyer liked your work, and gave you a positive review. How is this bad?

And I’m fairly certain they won’t do it, because Fiverr has a hands-off approach to reviews. And they aren’t likely to remove a fair and reasonable review, just because you wanted a 5.0. You’re just going to have to get used to the fact that you’re not going to get perfect 5.0 ratings on every order. Buyers are encouraged to share whatever rating reflects their experience working with you. If that rating is a positive 4.4, that’s great. Congratulations on getting such a wonderful rating!


You were right! They didn’t remove the feedback since it was a positive one. However, I can’t help but feel anxious about what y next evaluation will look like because of the rating I got.

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People are here to work and get work done. Hope they’ll soon realize that this so-called “blind feedback system” isn’t as fun as going on blind dates since this is a freelance site. This automatically puts the seller in a miserable position.


This is the reason why they’ve made it possible for sellers to reply to reviews left by buyers. This way, the seller is never in a miserable position. They get to explain their side of the story, too (in case of misleading/negative buyer review).

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The latest from System
They have warmed me because they say is not permited on TOS to tell buyer to modify his reivew… I’m not agree, of course… I prefer to talk friendly with buyer rather to make public my disconformity with his review… but the good of this is the next…
Taken from sellers help yesterday…
"What do I do if my buyer wants to remove their feedback?
If your buyer would like to leave update/remove their feedback, we recommend communicating with your buyer to have them reach out to our Support team. "
He did that and the response is a warm to me…
Thanks a lot System… i love you

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The help centre needs updating. Follow the advice on there and get a warning - not fair. :frowning:

Old post, I know…

But that isn’t how this works. You cannot see what the buyer said about you until AFTER you’ve reviewed them, so you can’t respond to anything they’ve put in the review. Yes, you can mention things that may not have gone well in the order process, but that is nowhere near as good as being able to directly respond to a public review.

That is how the blind review system works.

I’m not sure you understand.

  1. First the buyer initiates the review process by posting a blind review (which you cannot see at this stage).

  2. Then you get a notification saying that the buyer has posted their blind review and that it is now time for you to post a blind review. At this point you post your blind review, after which you will finally be able to see the buyer’s review.

But… hold on… Oh no… The review process is not over yet… There is one more (final) step.

  1. Now that you can see the blind review left by the buyer, you get ONE MORE CHANCE to post yet another message in response to the review left by the buyer. This is where you get to explain whatever you want (express your dissatisfaction/concerns/whatever).

This final step is what makes the current review system AWESOME! You get to post TWO messages! :star_struck:

I’m sorry, what?

I completed an order a few hours ago. There was no mention of being able to “post two messages”.

If I’m wrong, great because this system was godawful when first implemented (when you definitely could not respond again after the initial review).

Well, here’s proof:

[screenshot removed]

Do you see those 2 message written by me? Yep.

The first message was my blind review. Notice how I didn’t go into too much detail because I wasn’t able to see the buyer’s review at that point? The second message was sent after I could see the buyer’s review. That’s the reason why I went into a little more detail in my second message.

And are both messages displayed publicly in your reviews?