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Unable to view full text of message

I received a message while I was away.
I logged on to view the message but can only see the first few words. It won’t actually open.
The sender is now offline but I don’t see why that should impact my reading the full message.
Please advise.


Could you provide a screenshot, please?

Certainly, please see attached.

On the left, I can see the beginning of the message, but no matter where or how I click, I cannot see the rest.

I’ve hidden the sender name for privacy.

I also do not see where in the inbox is the icon for reporting spam etc. Can you advise where I would find this?

Many thanks,

Ah, I see.
In short, you won’t be able to see the rest of the message, as it’s already been marked as spam. (Likely, they were either caught by the Fiverr filters, or they were reported by enough other profiles that were spammed with the same message.) Sadly, this will likely not be the last time you’ll encounter these type of messages.

P.S. Good job on masking the username. That was exactly the right thing to do.

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Ok, thank you for confirming.
How can you tell that the message has already been flagged as spam? Is there an indicator somewhere I did not notice?

Nah, just experience. “Username can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.” is the default message you’ll get when it’s spam.

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I see, well thanks for the response. Appreciated!

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