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Unable to Withdraw and it does NOT seem to be a bug

After many years of being a Fiverr member, just recently my sales started to actually happen. But, then sometimes dreams turn into nightmares.
****Iss**ue with Paypal withdrawal. When I try, I get :- **
*Network Problem : You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity. Please try again later. **
** has been 3 days now, I have been communicating to and fro with Fiverr support and they are so far unable to fix this. So, it does NOT seem to be a bug.
I am a tech savvy and computer savvy person. I tried all steps as advised, such as clearing cookies, caches, history, etc, different browsers. I even tried on different computers !!!
So, I have paused all my gigs.
What is the point of selling when I know that payments are having issues.
It surely not a bug, otherwise the technical team would have fixed it by now.
And this is NOT a good sign for sellers.


I had that once, it resolved after I restarted my phone, but I suppose you tried that already under ‘etc’. Maybe reset your router too, just in case? Hope you/they´ll get it sorted out yet. :four_leaf_clover:

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Whoah! What’s with the huge bold text?

The bold / big letters happened without me formatting it that way (perhaps a bug) , but tried to correct that !


Thank you. I did restart my phone a couple of times. And my work entails me to do atleast 3 phone (SMS) verifications daily, all other phone verification SMS are not an issue. I’m in communication with Fiverr support and I hope it gets resolved.
I have paused my gigs.
I finally started making sales, but if we cannot withdraw, then what’s the point ?
Fiverr needs to understand that if more and more sellers have this problem, then more and more gigs will be paused by sellers and the overall volumes would decline.
By the way, I am quite tech savvy and computer savvy. Previously worked for Dell Technical Support. So, the issue is surely from Fiverr side and hope it gets fixed.
No other seller mus go through what I am going through.


Same problem 24 hours gone still didn’t get any response


Yes, I can imagine it being very annoying. Who would like to do gigs when they can´t know when/if they´ll be able to withdraw their revenue.
I´m sure they are working on it though, it´s an issue that everyone will report to CS right away, I suppose, so they should be aware that it affects several people. (That is not to say that they shouldn´t work on it full steam if it ‘only’ affected one person, of course.)

This does not seem to be a glitch or bug. But one thing is for sure, it’s not a good signal for us sellers. I hope someone from Fiverr is reading this.
Have you contacted support ?


I’ve never had to get the code to make a withdrawal.

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The last time I withdrew was almost a year ago and I remember I had to click on a link sent by email. This is new to me. And you do not need to go through phone SMS verification for withdrawals. Fiverr needs a better technical team, I guess.

You know what they restricted my account saying my phone number not verified.(actually it’s full verified :smiley:) after that they ask me to change password to get restored my account but. i have a same error as you did waiting for to answer my tickets

Has your phone number changed?

Are you using a VPN to trick the system into displaying your location as being in the USA, or another country that you are not in? Fiverr doesn’t like it when sellers do that.


No, my phone is the same ever since.

Fiverr introduced phone verification for everyone within the last year. It was just a one-time-thing though, you still only need to click a link in the E-Mail for withdrawal generally. At least it´s like that for PayPal, which I use, but I suppose it´s the same for Payoneer, in case you use that.

Can you check whether you did the phone verification already in your settings?

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Not at all. I am in India and always log in from my residential internet at home in India.

I just checked and I see
PHONE VERIFICATION : Your phone is verified with Fiverr

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I am still in communication with Fiverr support … hoping this gets fixed.

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Support replies that I better change the phone number in the account.
But, PHONE VERIFICATION shows : Your phone is verified with Fiverr
Nonetheless, as advised, I attempted to change the phone number, but the system asks me to enter the “city where your parents first met”.
I never remember to have ever set such a security question / answer ever !!!
And I have replied accordingly to support team.
I hope someone from Fiverr management reads all this.
Buyers and sellers can enjoy the “eco system” here only if things work the way they need to work.
I am sure Fiverr makes enough of money from this nice portal they have.
But all this sends a signal that is not too good, to say the least.
Fiverr needs to check on their technical (web development) team, for sure.
I have seen wonderful service portals collapsing just because the management did not ensure adequate & effective technical support.
Fiverr is like a household name globally for gig providers, it’s number one.
Technical glitches do happen, but they need to be addressed.

Is it your correct phone number?