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Unable to withdraw cleared funds. Is this a BUG or is Fiverr facing some other issue?

Withdraw funds tab is unusable/unclickable. When clicked, it says “withdrawal in progress”.
It’s been the same since last week and CC hasn’t responded even after 4 days. I haven’t initiated any fund withdrawals, I triple checked my notifications, emails, paypal and payoneer accounts to make sure that I haven’t accidentally clicked withdrawal. Something wrong I feel. Did anybody else face this issue recently?

Is this an unattended BUG/tech-issue or is fiverr facing a payment crunch due to COVID-19?

I have a similar problem: Fiverr doesn’t allow me to withdraw the full amount of my revenues. I tried to withdraw $50 but they only send $20 and it’s been like that since 3 weeks, last week I want to withdraw $280 and only sent me $200 and with PayPal fees! I wrote CS but I’m still waiting a response.