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Unable to withdraw money from paypal

Hi, i have tried many time to withdraw money from paypal but not withdraw its urgent for me…please help me :frowning:



Hello parulk30, are you sure that you have an available bucks? if you do, may your Paypal account have a problem that you need to fix.

So what to do?:

  1. Try to get your bucks from another Paypal account
  2. Contact the Fiverr customer support

    Hope I helped :slight_smile:


Hi, Thanks for reply.

  1. Yes i have tried with other paypal account but still getting problem.
  2. Here lots of page and more confusion …why fiverr not provide easy way to contact them its not easy days for me.

    Due to this, i can’t deal with other client because unable to withdraw money from paypal.

    Hope everyone option for me.