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Unable to withdraw my balance

i have 4$ balance(i know its less), but i am unable to withdraw it to my paypal account. First it deducts the money and then it sends a mail that your payment is on its way, but within a few seconds the balance is returned to my account. I dont know why is this happening. I have contacted fiverr support but they have not responded till now (24 hrs passed ).

Anyone else facing this issue, Its my first payment.

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Minimum withdraw amount from fiverr is $20
Haven’t you seen this notice while withdraw?
With this simple issue, you have gone to customer support. Customer support stay busy with many important works.

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it didnt show any notice about the limit

for withdrawal using paypal it is 1$ i guess

if you are withdrawing for the first time it is $20

after that it is $1 and no Fee is charged by Paypal

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ohk, thanks for your help