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Unable to withdraw my cash

Right now , i cant withdraw my cash from fiverr because when ever i clicked on the fiverr revenue card button, i always get a negative feedback like this “Network Problem.
You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*.
Please try again later.
*Please verify that your phone is connected to your network and restart your phone before trying again.” what should i do. please help me. Thanks.


You need to follow the instructions - switch the phone on that you’ve verified with your Fiverr account so you can get the verification code to withdraw your payment.

Good luck!

Thank you offlinehelpers for your reply. I have switched on the phone with the number i used for registering my fiverr account, but i still get the “network problem” reply when ever i click on the “fiverr revenue card”

Silly question - I know your phone must be working, but maybe better check it just in case.

Also, maybe better go into settings, security and see if you’ve got ’ Edit
Your phone is verified with Fiverr. Click Edit to change your phone number’ - if you haven’t then your phone needs to be verified again.


Thank you offlinehelpers. It has been resolved. Thank to Fiverr


hi emekedesigner
How to fix it please

and how are you fix it

What you should do is to update the conversation after your is being solved. It helps others to solve the problem.
I still seing people claiming to issue the same problem. Please try to answer them.
This is how we can earn the world :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


What you can do is :slight_smile: Change the phone number and verify it.

If you have only one number then verify it.


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Having the same problem and my phone number is verified by fiverr. :confused:

If you have an old withdrawal email, you can go back to that and click the link in that :slight_smile:

No i dont. This is my first withdraw.

If you are using VPN that can cause problems. If you have a phone number in a country other than the one on your account, that can cause problems.

If you have these problems and/or cannot go to settings to re-verify you will need to contact Forum users are not staff and cannot help with very complex verification or withdrawal issues.

Hi fonthaunt,

I am not using any VPN also my phone number coresponds to the same country i mentioned in my account. About a year ago all was good and I was receiving verification code but i dont know what happend now. :confused:

Good luck.