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Unable to withdraw my revenues from paypal account

Right now , i cant withdraw my cash from fiverr because when ever i clicked on the paypal account button, i always get a negative feedback like this “Network Problem.
You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*.
Please try again later.
*Please verify that your phone is connected to your network and restart your phone before trying again.”

Even my number is verified by fiverr.

I am unable to change my number because i forget my childhood friend name, it is security question.
what should i do?
Now I am so tense, please help me. Thanks.


You need to remember who your friend was - I’m sorry - we can’t help you.


OK, I understand forgetting phone numbers, I understand forgetting passwords, but how can someone forget their childhood friend’s name? That means it wasn’t a true friend since you can’t remember their name, yet you chose their name as security answer, which would make no sense in such a case.

It’s beyond my ability to understand how someone can forget their friend’s name…


Are you kidding me?! That’s ridiculous! :roll_eyes: