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Unable to Withdraw Payment from Fiverr

It’s been 4-5 days since my withdrawal options have been disabled. When I hover on the option it says “The withdrawal option was disabled. Please contact customer support.” So, I contacted customer support and it’s been 2 days and the status of that request is still open. I have not received any response from them. Has anybody else dealt with the same issue? If so, can you guys share your experience and how long does it take for customer support to reach out to level 2 sellers?


P.S: I am a level two seller.

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These days, it can take CS up to 10 days to respond. Or even longer, if they need to investigate the case.

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Ohkay seems like I’ll have to put on hold all my clients until the Customer Support responds because I don’t see a point of taking any orders if I can’t withdraw my money.

Your choice, but once it is fixed, will you regret having not worked through it? Opportunity cost. If you have something better to do, go for it. If Fiverr is a side-hustle, take the break.

(It’s true that if you’re not paid, it’s pointless to keep working, but “inability to access your earnings” isn’t not-being-paid.)

Hello thanks for responding. Fiverr Support reached out to me and addressed the issue. It was actually about a client who had left me messages even after the order was marked as completed and a feedback was provided as well. The order was completed 2 months ago yet he kept addressing issues which were out of the scope of the order even after a month and it was at the time when I was not online and I told him that I will not be available since I had some personal stuff to deal with and since I did not respond to him, he went on to customer support to complain about me. So, now I have still addressed his issues (not in the scope of the order) and he keeps on sending me more and more issues. I have sent screenshots as a follow up to the customer support in the same ticket. Hope they get me out of this problem.

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It’s great that CS got back to you. “Unable to withdraw” is indeed a different issue than “payment won’t clear, because the order isn’t closed.”

Good on you for standing your ground with a problematic client. Keep it up!

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Did they help you? I am facing the same issue here.

Yes. My withdrawal options have been enabled after I had contacted the buyer that had complained to the customer support. I had to take care of all his issues regarding the order and then show the customer support our chat where he was satisfied.