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Unacceptable Account warnings , I uploaded proof files beofore source copies of my designgs

Hello everyone,

if you are a designer I think you know sending a proof copy is the way to be protected from being cheated.
so I always uploaded a clean / large proof copies before source file upload ( through delivery button )

today I got an account warning. what do you guys think ? this is not acceptable at all. as long as my client is 100% happy. what is the issue with fiverr ? I don’t understand but I’m disappointed with this childish act from fiverr support. I think they have to be flexible with this thing.

they keep telling me to upload source files in every delivery message ( I offer unlimited modifications , so if a buyer asked me for 100 modifications I have to upload source files 100 times. what a joke )
senior guys please help me !

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I get your point but if a buyer is requesting a revision … and you use the delivery button to actual deliver… and if the package that he bought contains source files … you need to upload them even if it’s fair or not… and yes the buyer can easily say that he doesn’t like your work and still be using it without your consent , it happened to others as well … sorry


HI @cre8iveartwork :slight_smile: thank you so much for your reply !

so do you deliver source files in delivery button at every time you deliver an order ?

what actions you take when a buyer act like they don’t need it or they don’t like it. ? do you have any options to avoid this thing :slight_smile: ?

Thanks again!

unfortunately there is no effective way to confront the buyer … most people are going to tell you to decline any cancellations because you worked on that project and so one … unfortunately when you do that you will receive a bad review 90% of the times and that will probably ruin your profile if you’re new here… I see that you have only a few reviews … I usually move on and I don’t argue with anyone … you won’t have problems with serious buyers though , some are here for business others are here just for free services and there’s not much that we can do about it , best thing is to follow the rules and deliver everything according to what’s described in your package

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Offering unlimited modifications is not something that I recommend … I have some horror stories of my own with unlimited modifications even after 4 years after the completion of an order so … you might want to get rid of that


Thanks for the advice friend! yes I 100% agree with you . but I think fiverr should develop a way to deliver proof files and then source files or something like that

I mean something like 2 delivery buttons for an order :slight_smile: one for proof and one for final

hope they will fix this thing as this is not practical
Thanks again !! wish you all the best

Since “like” and “dislike” are subjective matters which can’t be clearly described, it will be a good idea to said something like this in your delivery: “have this design meet your initial requirements and goals?”. The best parameters of your client happiness should be your compliance to the requirements and your understanding to your buyer needs. Preference is also important (but optional), but the most important will be the twos that i have mentioned.

Basically, you would want to ask your buyer about which design element which need correction. Thus, asking for opinion which lead to “like” and “dislike” is a dangerous thing to do if you couldn’t handle it.

Well, i’m a designer and that’s just my opinion.

You have a couple of options. You can get jobs done early and send a proof via the order page (not delivery) to give buyers a chance to give you constructive feedback. This won’t always work and you have to put in wording to explain that if you don’t hear back in 24h (for example) that you will go to delivery and deliveries are final. It does help, though, and if you use watermarks and lower resolution it is a somewhat lower risk. I don’t do anything with images currently but I’ve used this process in the past. I have sometimes sent a partial work in a watermarked PDF if the buyer seems to toss red flags my way.

Your second option can be combined with the first. Use Fiverr’s own watermark system for image delivery so that the buyer at least as to click the box that says they are happy with it before they get the final copy. Fiverr will remove the watermark when they click that box.

There are always risks with deliveries on any order of any kind. I think the best you can do is to stay within the rules and do your best to avoid risks. Once you have enough reviews to raise prices this helps bring higher quality buyers.

Hello there,

I have a small doubt. I’m a graphic designer and I’m doing product packaging design . So should I upload the source files when I submit in every modification? Sometimes, it’s hard to upload large files every time that the buyer requiring modifications. Please anyone can advise me about this?



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Hey Shavin :slight_smile:

yeah I know how you feel like ! but I had to adapt to this situation. it is very hard to me to re-upload source files again and again when clients ask for changes… but I found a solution like this.

  1. first I submit the source files once I complete the task . if a buyer has a modification they ask for modifications .

  2. once they asked for a modification. I use message system and only submitting PROOF via messages.
    once they confirmed I can submit the source files again through delivery message :slight_smile:

by the way there is an another way. you can complete the task earlier and send the proof copy :slight_smile:
and wait for their response


Hello friend,

Thank you very much for your quick response, :grinning: actually I did the same. I sent the modifications with our chat. But some times the buyers didn’t respond to me. In this case if I cancel the order by choosing “buyer is not responding” option, will it effect to my completion rate? I would like to know your idea about this. :upside_down_face:

Thank you


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Sorry for my English… :grin:

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Hey Bro,
don’t request cancel :slight_smile:
like I said in my first option. you can directly upload the source files to your order.

but mention and tell the buyer. ( if they have any modifications. he must hit the MODIFICATION REQUEST BUTTON )

after that. send him modified PROOF JPG files ( Not source ) as a regular order message.
once he confirmed the proof. re-submit your order with source files though delivery button :slight_smile:

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile: ?

Hello friend,

Thank you very much :pray::slightly_smiling_face:.

I’ll try your path.


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sure :smiley: that’s what I do friend .

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