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Unacceptable experience from a client that doesn't know what he wants for the design

I have a very unacceptable experience with this client, first of all we managed to agree a deal to create two website headers with 50% discount (total of $10 order). I managed to deliver the order however the client asked me to deliver one design for $5. I declined for a moment as we had a deal, but we’ve managed to create another deal, sending him a custom offer of $5 and complete the order for the one design he likes and the previous $10 order will be for another set of designs.

Not to mention the previous order we had literally 20+ revisions and completed the order in additional 3 days, the client clearly doesn’t know what he wants and every revisions have new sets of instructions making me as a graphic designer experiencing a hard guessing game of what the client really wants for the design.

In the $10 order, same situation happened again, the client clearly doesn’t know what design he wants and every revisions has new sets of instructions, he gave me a sample designs and I managed to recreate the website headers from scratch, again literally 20+ revisions until the client is getting tired of explaining and giving new set instructions and requested a dispute to cancel the order.

This is very unacceptable experience, not only wasting my time earning only $5 for the service I provided but also it affected the ranking of my gig (order is very late) and affected my profile (cancellation order).

This part of your gig description is an invitation for buyers like that one: “I am not satisfied with the design until you are, I make sure you and your company are 100% SATISFIED as I give UNLIMITED REVISIONS and offer 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.”


Yeah I understand and he is my very first client from 50+ completed customers order that abused my unlimited revisions.

I had one of those I made around around 10+ gigs for him every time was a torture,but one day I just told him to chill a little be bit and that I can’t make anymore gigs for him,it is lost for my income but does it really worth.

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