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Unacceptable experience. Was I scammed?

Hi there,

I was scammed recently. When I delivered the order (logo), the scammers respond was that the files are empty, which of course wasn’t true, so he requests order cancelation and immediately deletes his account. I’ve lost 260$ on this. But the worst thing is that Fiverr just could do nothing, there is no refund program for sellers.

My question: is why someone who has any objections about the gig delivery, is able to delete the account and withdraw his many instantly before customer support verifies that particular case. While I have to wait 2 weeks for my money to be cleared.

It’s obvious that Fiverr cares more about the buyers…

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Hello, I don’t know what happened to him but you should send proof you delivered the order on time to customer support. There is a chance it might allow them to investigate and help you somehow. No guarantees but they can tell you what went on, see that you delivered the complete order and POSSIBLY give a refund to you.

Unless of course you agreed to cancel the order in which case then since you agreed to it you wouldn’t be eligible for a refund. It sounds to me like it was a Paypal chargeback since his account is gone.


Thanks for your advice.

The problem was that the order was canceled by CS and I didn’t have any pasibility to stop this.

I described the problem to CS and they have view on that order but still won’t do anything.

I had that happen and I sent proof it was delivered correctly and after some time they reversed it. Not saying that you will have this happen though, who knows?

At first they said they will look into it and then a month later it was reversed. I was quite happy.

What proof did you sand? Print screen from your order view or something else?

If you are sending the logos in a zip file for instance , ( please let me know if it’s not the case ) then from a mobile device a regular fiverr user won’t be able to actually see the files … that’s why when you deliver the files in a zip file on the order page… it would be wise to send them uncompressed in his inbox as well… I suspect the buyer thought that you were trying to scam him … he freaked out and initiated a paypal dispute.

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I sent a screenshot of my delivery which included the date.

I see that it’s not uncommon for designers to deliver zip files and it’s true that some might have a struggle with them. Usually you would get a message asking how to open the file I would think.

That is not the case, he deleted his account immediately, and don’t even try to explain the case.

But thanks anyway.

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