Unacceptable practices


I am new to fivrr. I am finding their practices unacceptable. If you have a question about yout revenue card they send you to Payoneer. The cool thing about PAYONEER is that you can actually talk to them unlike fivrr. Also, no matter how much or hiw little you make, sellers should be paid immediately upon clearing. I have a CD Baby account they pay every week AND they release funds based on what you would like. When you accout reaches 1$ you can take funds for that or set it for 50. They do not control when you get paid.

Fivrr takes their fee then when it is time for you to get paid you cant if it is less than 20 dollars. THAT should not matter. You work for it you get paid for it. THEY got paid. QUICKLY WHY CANT SELLERS?

I AM TELLING SELLERS. This is not best practices. Please let fivrr know that sellers should be paid for how little or how much they make.


You can withdraw whatever you like on Fiverr.


I agree with artworkking, you are not being forced to work here on Fiverr. If you do not like the system, TOS, or freelance format, there are other options that might be more to your liking.

Personally, I’ve found Fiverr to be a fantastic freelance environment. You will always get out of it what you put in. If you treat it like a business, it can indeed be a profitable and rewarding platform.


Sure, Payoneer is great if you want to use your Fiverr money like a debit card, but why would you do that?

I use Amazon Visa as my credit card, then I pay it with Fiverr and save some of the money. Amazon gives me points, 10,000 points = $100. With those points I can buy cool stuff, like a leather jacket. With Fiverr I’ve been able to buy even cooler stuff, like an 8.9" Kindle Fire. Not to mention pay credit card debt, and get some money when I’m in need. However, withdrawing less than $100 is a waste of time in my opinion. What are you gonna do with $50? You should be withdrawing real quantities, like $500, $1,000, money that can really make a difference. Besides, Payoneer has a lot of fees, PayPal only has one fee, maybe two. I haven’t done the math, the fee is so tiny it’s worth ignoring.


Every little bit helps. That 50USD can go towards gas or even groceries. The OP has a point, it didn’t use to take a long time to receive funds once they were deposited. Back during my infancy on the site, I could withdrawal my funds, pocket change really, and it will be in my PP acct within a short amount of time.

Every time I got my 4 I would withdraw to PP and the 4 amount would be posted. As with other sellers have been stating on the forums, its taking a lot longer to receive their funds. Any amount is a real quantity.


This is not a Tip for Seller, and doesn’t belong on this forum. You should review the Forum Guidelines "Do’s and Don’ts that are highlighted above the forum, before posting-- Also, there are great tips on other Forum threads on Fiverr that might change your mind about the site. Once you accept the TOS, you can have great success. Good luck!


I learned by money lessons from Suze Orman, if you go to an ATM and withdraw $20 and there’s a $2.50 cent fee, that’s more than 20% in fees. If you withdraw $40 or $100, the cost of withdrawing money is less. And if you withdraw at your bank’s ATM or use a credit card you pay off and are never late with, the cost is $0.

It’s about making life choices. I could withdraw my money all the time, but then I’d be stuck with a ton of fees, it’s not worth it. It’s also easier to waste small amounts of money than big ones.