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Unacceptable Wait Times for Support

Waiting 24 or 48 hours to have a support ticket answered really is not acceptable with how much we pay Fiverr (20%).

That is all.

It would be nice if there is 24-48 hours to answer. It takes weeks now. Sometimes they even dont reply at all.

But again you are TRS, you should get faster response anyway.

Fiverr Offers VIP support to Top Rated sellers LOL ;))

If you are getting 24 hour replies as a TRS then leave a note in your message that you are a TRS, you may not have been added to the relevant group in the Fiverr system. If you are a TRS you should be waiting 15 minutes to about 3 hours at the most.

Thanks Ryan. I’m still waiting, I’ll make sure to do that next time.

same here too and dont know what is wrong this days i delivered a gig suddenly the customer care will refund the buyer back the also suddenly the buyer disappears from fiverr profiel not existing again… this has happened twice and i contacted customer care only for them to keep me in the waiting list for like 4-6 days now not gotten a reply… so ANGRY!!! Now i have a buyer who ordered a gig after delivering 20+ of the same gig for a facebook poster he is saying my software is full of virus form where. i sent you a txt file to download the software from the site… not from a file sharing site and funny enough this is happening to this same gig… guess people are just taking advantage of sellers here on fiverr… now the guy has my License and want a refund… if i complain about this dont know how long am going to wait… when i have not even been answered for my previous complains. >:P