Unapproved Gig request


This request for a Gig was unapproved - could someone explain why? Thanks

Logo for a Football (soccer) Team called FY4 FC. you can send your watermarked ideas and I will purchase the best Gig.


Maybe because sellers can’t send you their watermarked ideas through the gig request feature. They can only send you the link to their gig, and then you contact the sellers you’re interested in.


This may seem really naive of me, but is having a ‘best design wins’ contest allowed in the Fiverr ToS? Fiverr is set up so the order is paid for BEFORE the work is completed so Fiverr gets their money ASAP. It seems to me that they would not encourage “spec work” or crowd contests.

And @pcdoctor1, it is generally considered unethical (albeit commonly done) to ask people to put in time conceptualization and drafting any work without being paid for it. That’s why designers, writers and artists have portfolios - the potential client looks at their PREVIOUS work and decides who they want to hire. How about everyone gets to come to a football match and then decide if they want to pay for the tickets based on if the game was good enough? You should love that idea!