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Unapproved Gigs

I have requested a couple of gigs and they have not been approved. On one of them I went back and changed my wording and it was approved. My latest one read like this, “Do photo s mockup of a website later to be turned into website. Will likely be 2 or 3 gigs to get it right”.

What was wrong with that gig? Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you. I tried that and resubmitted. We’ll see what happens.

I have ranted about this several times, your gig was not approved, then a search shows dozens like it. There is order in chaos.

Reply to @kjblynx: You’re telling me this why?

Hi It happened to me too. I wonder why? Can anyone explain?

Reply to @kjblynx: Never mind I figured out what you are saying.

The problem could be the fact that you’re asking for more than one gig right off the bat. Your initial has to be for $5 (one gig).

Reply to @musiclover: Well, thanks for that. I had three gigs up, they were all unapproved. It’s pretty hard to learn the rules around here.

It may be an old thread, but it is an ongoing problem. Fiverr neds to create guidelines for request writing to minimize disapprovals.

I’m going to point out that this is a very old thread. Any information in it is likely to be different now. :slight_smile:

In my own case, I only tried to add an extra gig in an already approved gig, but the gig was suddenly suspended. Can any one explain to me what could result to that and how I could go about getting the gig re-approved. There is an order in progress on the gig before the suspension.

Reply to @brichalways: That can happen because there’s been a change in what Fiverr doesn’t allow and you updating your gig simply brought it to their attention. In any case, no-one of the forum can help, you should contact Customer Support right away, especially since there’s an order. Good luck.

Submitting a gig with too much details seems to be a very good way of getting your gig unapproved by support - and without explanation. This is a very frustrating policy! I don’t want a lot of “automatic” answers to my gigs by people who aren’t really interested in the subject or lack knowledge about it. (Very few people can write quality content about any subject - and if they can, the are probably not going to do it for $5) I just assume the more detail, the better selection of potential writers, and less work for me to scan offers. This should really, really change - or I am done submitting gigs.