Unapproved Request for a Gig


Please I am new to Fiverr and I like the forum. Unfortunately, it is not too clear the process needed to submit a request. I made a mistake by contacting directly Flyerer by sending him a message about a request thinking he will contact me whether he can do that request for the fee. He never replied. I then sent a formal Request for a Gig. My thinking was if someone saw it and could help, then I will be made to pay. However, I noticed that the indicator changed from pending to Unapproved, and that’s all. New people unfortunately are lost and need some help in terms of communication and what to do. The Unapproved indication gives me no clue as to the status of my request. Thanks.


@kjblynx said it all. You can also use the search form to find sellers that offer that type of service. Goodluck in you search.