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Unaproved posts

Why all my request are unnaproved,
What’s wrong with you?
What i can do ?
how to edit posts without deleting them?

Don’t understand what you mean.

Are you trying to buy something by posting on Buyer Requests?


Just why ?

The buyer’s request section is for you to request something. Not offer it.

To quote your original post: “what’s wrong with you?”


a ok i am not english si y DON’T know that
Where I can post my ?

You may need to improve your English considerably before offering ANYTHING on this platform.

I am sure you can find free courses online.

Not being able to tell the difference between buying and selling is going to be an issue for you.


You don’t have any Gig.
Read here:


To add to above messages, you need to read this

Or even more on forum


Hi do not advertise on the buyers request page you could get banned.

Buyers request page is only meant for buyers looking to hire sellers on the platform. As a seller, you are only allowed to render the services the buyers need by responding to their buyers request.

I received a warning for this while I was still a New Seller and now I am a level two seller.


First of all the people here are Buyers & Sellers. Secondly, we have ZERO control over requests getting approved or denied. The people responsible for that is 5r staff. If you’re a Buyer, I’d suggest you revisit your request just to make sure it’s up to par! If you’re a Seller offering YOUR services it’s not permitted. Read the TOS. :pineapple:


If your English is so poor that you think you made a pitch to a job board and that it will be “approved,” you are in no position to be selling here.

People don’t hire someone who communicates poorly because it’s more work and there is huge capacity for misunderstanding, as you demonstrated here.

If you want to do business here, substantially improve your English first.

And the answers to your other questions are evident if you search for the answers. The forum isn’t a substitute for doing your own research.