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Unauthorized Payment Deduction from my PayPal

Please help me to solve this matter.

I never created any account from my other gmail account joined with PayPal. However i am using PayPal to get something from fiverr.

Several times my PayPal account money automatically deducted. I got afraid and tell me how to solve this matter.

Ex:- Follow this transaction details.


This email confirms you have paid $5.50 USD using PayPal.

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview page.

Payment details

Receiver email:

Amount: $5.50 USD

Transaction date: March 15, 2015

Status: Completed

Transaction ID: 11X79094B27132906

Message: supply a Real 50 USD Facebook Coupon, Genuine Ads Voucher===471ea37a204859fffda0===

Automatic payment details

Plan :PA-20Y94110HT849372K


Please tell me … How to stop these automatic payment ??? :frowning:

Maybe you accidentally approved something to be a recurring payment/subscription.

here read this, the section about automated/recurring payments and subscriptions and then log into your paypal account like they say to check and see if anything is set up and then cancel it.

Now the part about a second gmail address - I do not understand your english on that sentence…do you have 2 gmail accounts? A paypal account can have many emails in it.

also, what kind of gigs were you buying on Fiverr?