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Unauthorized transfer of funds

First… I didn’t lose any money and I have reported this to customer support. I got up this morning and the balance of my funds had been transferred to our paypal account. The weird thing is that we didn’t request the transfer, and not only that, we didn’t get the usual confirmation email to confirm the transfer request. Needless to say we were freaked out this morning.

Anyway, I don’t know if this is a local security problem on our end, or if it’s a fiverr issue. But since we never received the confirmation email from fiverr, I’m leaning towards a system error (which is actually preferable to the alternative).

So if you have the same problem, just note you aren’t alone. When I hear back from CS, I’ll be sure to update the thread.

Yikes~ Did you hear “Twilight Zone” music when you realized your funds had gone walkabout? This is disturbing to hear, though, and no joke. Thank you for the “head’s up”. I know there has been much chatter in recent months about the usual hacker, scammer and phishing attempts, but to have your funds just…go without any request from you is rather unnerving. I’ll be curious to hear what CS has to say about the matter.

I don’t think this was hacker related. I think what happened was that we had recently done a transfer of funds and validated per the email link provided. That validation screen was likely still active when our windows machine was rebooted for an update. When the system came back, and the browser launched, it seemed to just “re validate” the transfer request. You would think that it would alert you that the request was already complete, but instead, just moved over the balance again. Weird.