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Unavailability BUG

Hi there,

I have set my account to “Unavailable” and haven’t checked the box to enable buyers to contact me, yet I am still getting messages from new buyers.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Just wanted to know if it’s just me or it’s a platform-wide bug.

I have reached out to Fiverr Support, but haven’t heard back from them yet.


You mean “Out of office”, right?

As I know buyer will still able to send message

Yes, I mean “Out of office”.

No, they should be unable to contact you unless you check a box allowing them to do that.

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It’s not just you. Others have experienced that bug, too.


Thank you for confirming!

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This has been an issue for me for 16 months now. It was bad when Fiverr used “out of office” but now that they’ve moved to the Availability tool, I am always contacted when I am supposed to be unavailable. It’s so frustrating. And it means I don’t actually ever get to be completely on vacation.
I have an open ticket with the “customer service” people who have told me 4 times that they’ll send the ticket up to the correct department. I think this department must be unstaffed since in 16 months they’ve done nothing.

Ugh I’m sorry. What a bad time of year for this bug to be happening.

I would suggest you write up a message template reply saying you are of on holiday and when you will be back. Then when you get a message you can select that template and click send. That way you can still reply to avoid lowering your response time, but it will just take you a second and you’ll be telling the buyers inquiring when you can work with them.

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I did end up doing that with the auto reply. And escalating the fix ticket. After 16 months and 4 reminders of Fiverr doing nothing, all it took was a “supervisor, please” and the bug was fixed in - I kid you not - under 2 hours.