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Unbearable Fiverr Fees

Hello everyone,
I am a new comer. I joined here coz i thought i can get some small work done with less fees. for a simple image convert i don’t have to waste time writing job details.
i heard many admiration of this plateform. but after joining i am seeing it’s really a mess.
for a 5$ gig i have to pay 7$…
worker will get 4$ & fiverr will take 3$…
can you imagine it…!
fiverr will take 40%
it is too much & i am done with fiverr


Good luck paying $7 for a logo anywhere else.


I can and think it’s an amazing deal both for the buyer and also for new sellers who need to establish themselves and get practice and experience.


This $3 goes to customer support you will be contacting when you’re not happy with the $7 logo :wink:


An amazing deal for new sellers?
Every cloud has a silver brown lining.

I worked here for years earning $4 per sale and have done quite well. I had no problem with it. It might not be right for everyone but it was perfect for me. There are lots of very successful sellers who began only getting $4 per sale. There are still many more who only get $4 per sale and are making a living at it here.


That’s the point. :boar: :trophy:

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What do you mean?..

where did i say 7$ for a logo…
i gave an example…
read it again carefully

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you get 4$ and buyer pays 7$
if buyer had to pay 5.5$ what do you think?
you would get more job…


whats the problem with this?

As far as I know, no seller is forced to provide their services here. People who dont like fiverr fees should create it’s own online services marketplace. But’s it’s not easy, or cheap, right?

If you want to get more, just raise your prices. Simple like this.

Fiverr can charge whatever they want. It’s their own company and they are free to do this. If it’s good or not, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that nobody is forced to buy or sell at fiverr if they don’t agree with these fees.


It’s just math. If, for example, fiverr takes 50%, and you want to earn a total of $100 for an order, you should charge $200.
Your final earning per order depends on you.

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Yes it’s too much but remember if you get quality work for just extra $2 then I think it’s not a big issue because you can make your project done with a cheapest prices than other platform. Wish you all the best.

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While this is true, whenever I see this line written on the forum, I shudder at the sheer arrogance of it.

It’s like saying "McDonalds bought the Brazilian rain forest fair and square. If you don’t like us eradicating thousands of hectares of rain forest, GO TO BURGER KING."

You are correct. This is unfair. However, there are many buyers who come to Fiverr with the express intention of getting work FOC. They receive their order, then pressure sellers to cancel, sometimes going so far as to threaten blackmail.

There are also even more buyers who assume Fiverr is like magic. They don’t read gig descriptions. They just expect anyone they buy from to be able to deliver what they want. This leads to sellers like me getting orders from deranged people who think that for $40, I’m going to come to their Miami beauty salon and spend a day recording some promotional video footage.

Other miss orders I have almost every month include orders to write articles in Spanish, orders to build websites, and orders to create business leaflets and logos.

All these orders have to be cancelled and yet all could be avoided if buyers read gig descriptions, understand what they are ordering and contact sellers in advance before ordering.

Given the above, I do not like $2 service fees. However, I would hope that these are designed to reduce cancellations and wasted time on Fiverr, by deterring scammers while making other buyers order more responsibly. It would also be nice if some of that $2 went to the seller when an order is canceled. However, that would only lead to angry buyers complaining about that matter instead.


I don’t like the fee either, but this is a cool idea. I could see the non-refundable fee as a way to avoid buyers who literally get the entire order for free since they would still be out some funds. Even better, though, have Fiverr issue a .50 or $1 compensation fee on buyer-fault cancellations. I already see the arguments - how would Fiverr go through all cancellations to see which ones were buyer-fault for real? Wouldn’t that take more employees and make them have to raise the fees again? :smiley: Still, I like the idea in theory.


Bahahaha I lol’d. Probably because it is so sad that it’s funny.

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The problem is that the buyer isn’t paying the price he sees. The extra fees create distrust, make tipping less likely, discourage people from ordering additional gig extras. It also makes Fiverr look cheap and desperate. Like a casino that chargers for drinks to people already losing money, or a bar that charges a cover fee.

That’s the theory, but I don’t think a scammer will be angry if he has to pay $2 for a job that costs $50 or $100. Scammers have the attitude of “if I don’t like it, I want my money back.” They don’t value our time and efforts, and extra fees is not going to discourage them, unless the fee was like 50% or some percentage that makes refunds really expensive for them.

However, those extra fees would hurt sellers. I want Fiverr to have policies that encourage sales, not policies that discourage them.


That’s also what I do perceive as a problem, more so than the actual fee. I’d prefer if right on the gigs it said

$5 (or whatever gig price)
+$2 (or 5% on orders of $40+) Fiverr platform charges

or something to that effect that would make clear that those sudden additional $$ come from and go to Fiverr and not the seller.

Even as a customer, I’d understand and think it’s only fair that the buyer pays at least some of the fee and not the seller the full amount the platform wants, but it would definitely create a better feeling if this was more in the open.

All this is just about the general issue of the somewhat hidden fees, not about the amount of the fees, that is a different box of chocolate frogs altogether and personally, I think $2 for a $5 order are okay-ish - as has been often mentioned, costs for Fiverr may well be the same or even higher as for orders with higher amounts, as in server space, need for CS to intervene, etc. If I had a platform like this, I’d probably see if it wouldn’t work out nicely to spread the fees evenly, like buyers 10%, sellers 10%, though. :wink:


If any buyer objects to that extra $2 fee then I hope they change their mind about buying anything on fiverr.

I see it as a way for fiverr to discourage problem buyers. It’s only $2. If it’s that much of an outrage to someone then please just don’t buy on fiverr.

We can only speculate, but I think it’s probably just to cover the CS cost for cancellation requests.

Fiverr noticed that there are a ton of cancellations so they started looking for patterns.
They figured out that most cancellations were coming from smaller orders due to various reasons. Some people are less responsible with $5 orders, some have too high expectations and let’s face it, you can get all kinds of crap from mek-sells.

Since the refund is not automatically made to the funding source they probably got a lot of support requests. This means Fiverr had to provide support for orders that were cancelled and $1 wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Then someone came with an idea to increase it.
Now, even if the order is cancelled Fiverr still makes a little money. We don’t know if it’s enough, but it definitely helps.

The only sad part is that they left sellers out.
About 2 months ago one of my outside Fiverr clients cancelled an order. We had a legal contract that stated client will pay for the hours used and that’s exactly what he did. So even though the order was cancelled I still made almost 20% from the billable hours that were used. My time wasn’t wasted.

Here on Fiverr I don’t get this protection. On some projects I have to buy licenses and if the buyer cancels then I might actually lose money.

it’s not that much for 40$ or 50$ gigs…but it is too high for a 5$ gig.
and i think you know 70% gig here are of 5$