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Unbelievable budget for the requirement


Do you speak verbal English?

Are you an expert with Telegram?

Can we engage?

When are you online?

We have a bot that is created using botfather and python, it reads messages from telegram groups then prints them on a CSV, however, it is not working and the dev that created sister died from COVID so the dev cannot work any more, can you problem-solve and get it all working and work on further gigs and enhancements?


1# You should be able to test the bot

2# You should be able to install the bot on our remote machine

3# You should be able to provide a readme file

4# It should be in accordance to PEP 8 if you can.

5# Delivery should be in a few hours

6# You should be able to handle multiple concurrent gigs

7# For now a .bat file will not be required (might be requested)

8# You should be able to use your telegram credentials while working with us.

9# Check my feedback

10# They will be private channels.

11# We will need to have a google meets verbal call, cam will not be required.

12# It will be operating on windows 7 until we have it 100% approved with us, we will move to Windows 10

13# The channels are not created yet.

14# AnyDesk will be the remote tool used

15# CSV output document example (username time and date (day/month/year)

Cook now

Stop eating


Example 2

16# Full support till perfect.

Budget: Gig $5

When replying, let us know when you are online, also, when you can start, when you can deliver this first project together.

Kindly confirm, if you can talk verbally with us and our clients going forward, do send us a voice recording explaining your commercial experience via a shareable cloud link (Dropbox) viewable to the public, several team members will review.

Look forward to your questions and working with you.


Literally amazed how this guy wrote the budget for such a requirement :sweat_smile: