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Unbelievable buyers!

This month is terrible for me, unbelievable three suspicious buyers ordered my gig for stop motion, gave me instructions and followed their instructions and after you deliver your product,they will not like it and refund the money.Where is the justice here? Can fiverr not clear this out? I even delivered way more better than how it should be but i think the buyers find a way to trick with the deliveries.Three straight buyers with nearly the same complicated instructions and nearly the same way of reasoning just cracked my head today.I felt not protected as a seller and this is seriously bad.I After all the mutual cancellation,me as the seller, worked hard,spend so much time animating and in the end the BUYER GETS THE PRODUCT AND THE MONEY BACK.Now people,tell me what should I do? I already sent message to fiverr this process should be re change. MY QUESTION IS,WHY BUYER CAN STILL GET THE PRODUCT WHERE HE IS NOT EVEN PAYING FOR.

Dawny (memoto28)

Upload the video to an external host where it will just be played by the video player and not available to download. Then ask them to review it. If they like it then only send the actual video file. In this method you can at least stop buyers from getting the work for free.

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Wow I’m sorry that happen to you Memoto28 - I have not starting selling on Fiverr

At the moment I am new and only a buyer.

I have many orders in and so far Only two sellers have given me poor service One of them I feel I may have not been clear with my order Although I give not only Text instructions but also audio in the form of an Mp3. For him I paid even though it was not what i asked for but he was nice so no big deal.

Now the other Seller - That guy should be kick off of fiverr I ordered a Rap with Video. He not only delivered what must have been the worse rap i have ever heard on top of Copyright music, he did not deliver the Video - so I sent him messages gave him every opportunity to make it right - I got nothing but a Rap I can not use because of Copyright and no video which I paid for. So just because a person delivers does not mean they delivered what was promised.

Now all in all I did get my money back - But I’m On your side your right Fiverr needs to do this differently because just like you don’t want to be taken advantage of after all your hard work, A buyer such as me should not be robbed by a seller who fails to deliver what is promised.

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JUST GREAT i have experience it today im offerring a gig which is FRAGGLESROCK 1gig = 1 FRAGGLESROCK, yeap 1 order meaning i delivered 1 FRAGGLESROCK, i reacieve 1 FRAGGLESROCK blast order from this guy and he provide me with the liink to run for FRAGGLESROCK with his spamming article cuase he want this url the rank down from search engine,

but before i start task i told hem that he order 1 gig meaning i deliver 1 report.

then after i delivered the report he ded not accept my delivery cuase his website still not rank down to first 10page of search engine, lol why would i rank down his website

im not offering that kind of task im offering FRAGGLESROCK

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this is his comment attached screen shot

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Please how did you deal with this then?

@kizzpen @kanishka_w

You do realize that this is a thread from 3 years ago, right?..

I recommend you to add a watermark in a suitable place like in the center and make sure the customer views it and clarifies everything.

It’ll at least help the people who come to this post to know what to do

@ Woofy31, i know that, and that is why i asked because i was faced with the same thing last month it affected my account. so i need an answer

Hi Kanishka_w, please how do i go about that?

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Waoo thank but in my case it was article writing. so what should i do?

You use a word processing software?

Just say no!
If you do the work and you know it is as per the buyer’s instructions and the gig description then your job is done.