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Unbelievable drop in Impression-Please Help

Being a level 2 seller, with more that 90 orders complete, positive review, 7 cancellations. But suddenly my impression dropped. Orders were not coming. Whenever I visit the buyer’s request, I never find request that is related to my gigs. It looks like my gigs are not ranked with my keywords. I have 13 gigs, none of them receives impressions. Kindly check the attached file for better understanding of my feelings.
I will gladly welcome supportive tips.
PS: please try not to be abusive in your comment and don’t drop a comment that will have a negative effect on my account. If you have any reason why you need to drop negative comment, kindly inbox me so that it can be treated professionally


Promote your gig outside fiverr. Check Buyers request daily to get views and maybe sales.

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Thanks. I really appreciate

I saw Analytic data was reset to 0 after my level was upgrade to level 2. I think you might be in the same situation with me :slight_smile:

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Same happend with one of my gig !

This just happened to me the last 2 days, I was doing super good, and suddenly Views, Impressions, Social Clicks, and Clicks went incredibly down. I don´t know why is that, but I am starting to worry.

This happened to me too TT,.TT All my views, impressions rates decrease dramatically ;____;
I don’t know why tho TT,.TT

In this week impressions for all my gigs are dropping down, I don’t know why I am promoting my work on social media every day. :frowning:


i’m too face this problem… I’m also worried