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Unbelievable person copied my gigs

This new witch has copied my gigs. He or she took them down then proceeded to alternately insult me and tell me she/he is new and needs to copy someone and it’s not fair of me to tell her to take them down, since new people don’t know what to do and need someone to copy and he or she is sure I copied someone’s gig when I was new.

He or she has two accounts and copied the same gigs on both accounts.

Just amazing.


hahahaha his/her answer is funny “New people don’t know what to do and need someone to copy” like, really? I’m new and one thing is to copy someone and other is to find inspiration in someone, right before submitting my first gig I researched for gigs similar to the one I wanted to create and found inspiration, he/she needs to learn the difference xD also tell her/him if he/she do it again you will have to report her/him to CS.

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I have people that ask me to evaluate them via forum PM, occasionally. I don’t have to tell you, it’s mostly stolen.

I did have one (non-pro) charging in the mid-hundreds for his gigs. Every gig he sold for $100 to $500 were either stolen from Google or a free template. I can’t believe people are ****** enough to pay this guy several hundred dollars for stolen material and give give him a 5 :star: review.

I wonder what’s going to happen when one of those high prices clients get sued by the real owner?

I have no idea why these sellers would ask me to give them an assessment of their gig, knowing they stole everything? BTW, at least half of them, English is near perfect, have very well written descriptions - as in enticing, business like - and extremely nice looking delivery.

I was sick when I found out how much the buyers were paying for stolen stuff.

I definitely believe that sellers are getting more desperate and more sneaky.


@misscrystal every week I contact at least 2-3 users, to remove the video presentation of my gig.

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The same thing happens to me. People copy the gigs on a weekly basis, and if asked to remove them often get aggressive and respond with things like “there’s enough business for everyone don’t be selfish”, and “I’m new you should help new sellers”. They don’t seem to be able to grasp the fact that stealing descriptions and photos isn’t alright.

It’s weird.

I have been told before that there are certain blogs/forums that instruct users to copy existing, highly rated gigs to get a head start on Fiverr.



Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. :rose:

“New people don’t know what to do”
They definitely know how to copy other people’s things.


I really feel for you Miss C. What really horrifies me, however, is how pervasive this kind of attitude is becoming in the world in general.


What are we allowed to do against these people ?
Is it against TOS ?

A french guy also copied my gig description with my english mistakes :joy:

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The rational that people come up with to justify stealing is amazing. Their explanation is almost laughable if it wasn’t so ridiculous. The next time I’m new at something, I’ll have to remember that I need to steal from others instead of doing the hard work on my own.

As a side note, you probably are not alone. I bet most successful gigs have been copied on Fiverr. I use to report them to CS but it seem to be a never ending job. I still find them and may drop them a line telling them they stold my gigs, but I rarely follow up anymore. Too bad Fiverr CS couldn’t put a stop to this.


That’s cray…

Running two accounts? I hope you reported him/her.


From my experience, reaching out to these sellers personally does no good. They’ll either temporarily take down your stuff (just to steal from someone else) or not take it down at all.

It’s best to contact support directly about these users. These sellers are lazy and contribute nothing to the platform. If they don’t put in the effort to write their own description, they’re not going to put in the effort when they finally get an order.

Before I watermarked my gig images (last winter), 3-5 new sellers would steal them each week, often using my description as well. Whenever I sent the gig links to Customer Support, they would ban the users and redirect the stolen gig links to my original gig. I don’t know if they do that anymore, but they’re bound to at least put a warning on the user’s account and deny the gig.


I forgot to add that a week ago this same person had contacted me asking a lot of questions like how does this work? what do I get? what do you need from me?

I followed my intuition and told them not to buy anything from me.


I just looked at this persons gigs and my description is again on their gigs copied word for word.

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This is sick. I feel that the platform is becoming more toxic every day. In the meantime I don’t trust anybody anymore. No buyer, no seller, just nobody.
When I receive a message from a potential buyer, my first thought is 'How is this one trying to scam me?'
It’s not a healthy development and experiences like yours don’t make me less suspicious.


Well, when her results are not as good as yours, that will show in the reviews. I’m not that worried about people copying my gigs, they won’t be able to do what I do. If they need to copy my gigs, it means they cannot deliver at my quality, otherwise they would make it themselves. It’s a pita, but they will go down by themselves sooner or later :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a violation of TOS. Just contact Fiverr CS.

You’re right of course. This person just started in July.

I just wonder if anyone has copied my gigs? If not, why not? Are they not good enough, not attractive enough, not compelling enough for you? Why? Why? Why? And how to tell if anyone has copied your gigs? There are like millions of gigs out there.


Copy a paragraph and paste it into Google, with inverted commas around it - you’ll soon find if anybody has copied it or not.

I’m not sure whether to hope somebody has or hasn’t! :grinning: