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Unbelievably Bad Buyer of the Day

I have just been left negative feedback by a buyer on my gig stating he thought he was buying an adsense account from me (No contact made with me) - Just one small point at the bottom of my gig it says this:-

"PLEASE NOTE: You are not buying an account from me just advice, as selling accounts is against Google TOS - I don’t sell them so please don’t ask me to create one for you)"

Now how hard is it to misinterpret that! Its spelt out and he just ignores it!

GIve me strength! I’m furious!

A lot of buyers don’t read the full descriptions, they just jump the gun and order. I hate when that happens.

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That’s awful! This is not your fault at all. I think you have a good chance of getting it removed. The buyer said in his feedback that he gave you a negative because he expected an account. In your listing it’s so clear that you’re not selling an account.

“Unbelievably Bad Buyer of the Day” - I agree

Reply to @kjblynx:

No the order requirements are basically sit tight until I send you the report. The gig has been reworded so as that only a complete idiot can order it thinking they are buying an account. It tells them in the gig they are buying an ebook and twice at the end that I don’t sell adsense accounts (illegal - despite fiverr accepting this wholesale practice!!! and allowing their sale!!!) it also even specifies that they DO NOT ask me to create one. Can’t get much clearer!

Of note is the gig gets around 9k views per month! If I chose to break the law then I would hit TRS status in days/hours. At one point the gig was getting 4-16 orders a day. Then fiverr decided that the guide might be promoting an illegal service - during this period they continued to allow adsense accounts (Which I don’t offer - just advice) to be sold on fiverr. Fraud? Against the law? Yes on both counts! I pointed out I only sold advice not accounts and started getting traffic - Wow thanks fiverr! I NOW SELL ONE COPY A WEEK not upto 8 a day. NOT ONCE DID THEY ASK TO SEE THE GUIDE!!!

So even though my gig only offers legal advice its at the bottom of the pile as gigs selling an illegal service sell better than mine and earn fiverr more money. So by keeping within the law fiverr penalizes me. Go figure!

I’ll never be a TRS whilst I obey the law.

Of note is I have turned down SIX offers of $200+ to create adsense accounts, people literally begging me to create accounts! I respect the law but on fiverr it’s out the window

I cancelled this gig as fiverr customer service said the incorrect feedback would be removed if I did. They have given the buyer his money back and left the negative feedback. So it is now clear that not only is fiverr allowing the selling of illegal adsense accounts but it is penalizing mine as I do not sell an illegal service but a legal one. Basically if you want to break the law fiverr will now help you to do so and shut down the gigs of those offering a legal service.

How long before fiverr actually gets sued over this? I hope the new investors are happy with this? Or are they the Mob?

People don’t read and are blind. And in some cases buyers are also mentally handicapped, cheap, want you to read their mind, and/or want a miracle for $5.

Story of a Fiverr seller’s life, unfortunately :expressionless:

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It is becoming more and more depressing to come to the forums. Every time I read that CS doesn’t help out or correct a wrong done to a seller by a buyer, it is depressing and demoralizing.