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Unbeliveable and Unfair feedback

Hello, i had terrible experience with one of my buyers,
the story is like this, the buyer bought my 10$ gig which is “32x32” character
i clealry say in my gig description and requirment to contact me before purchase, the buyer didn’t contact me which is fine, its not the first time this happnd,
then he send referance of real human holding some kind of certificets, i explained the buyer that 32x32 size is too small and he should choose the 45$ or 85$ size, buyer insist of 32x32,
what i did was making the 100x50 character for him which is between 45 to 85$ for the 10$ he paid…,
i gave him revisions and top character quality as you can see in the feedback he left (the character is presented there)
the buyer left 1.7 star feedback saying " i didn’t like it"

i must add the buyer abused me speaking to me like a slave, for example,
he agreed for 3 days delivery when buying my 10$ gig, then in order chat he said:
“Its going to be done tomorrow”, like i am some kind of slave, and then after 1 hour he asks if the image is ready…

he was barly comunicating with me, didn’t use any revision or gave any feedback even tho i sent sketch and then character, claimed i didn’t send him the final char as png even tho i did.

i contacted CS and i hope they will remove this unbeliveable rating.

besides that i got 100% 5 star rating from 17 buyers.


great way of getting a warning…


While it is very unpleasant, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If I were shopping for pixel art, one “I didn’t like it” comment on seller’s profile wouldn’t turn me off. Especially when it is written with a beautiful work attached.

You did a great job, block this weirdo and forget about it. I don’t think this review would affect your ranking or sales too much.


warning for what? i didnt contact buyer

a buyer can leave any review he wants…fair or not fair , I wouldn’t bother support with something like this that’s all , if I remember it right there were people who asked support to remove a specific review and they got warned , I might be wrong though.


you are wrong it is not against tos to ask for unfair feedback removal
espacly when buyer went against tos and acted toward me as slave

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reviews are there to stay , also there’s nothing unfair about it … if a buyer doesn’t like your work he can simply leave you any review he wants … fair or not fair it’s up to the buyer


ok, it is still worth to try

It’s only now allowed to be removed if the review is against the TOS I think. Like said, you might risk a warning for asking for it to be removed. If it was a really insulting/abusive review they might remove it (I think they have for some high rated sellers) but if it’s just “I don’t like it” they probably won’t remove it and it’s not worth the risk of a warning asking them to.


exactly… but as far as I know support doesn’t remove reviews only because a seller thinks it’s unfair


i read the entire TOS, and i never saw that you can’t contact CS for feedback removal.

They probably don’t say that. But that probably hasn’t stopped Fiverr warning sellers for asking. Maybe they think it’s manipulating the rating system or something.

Also see:

  • Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback.
  • Only tell buyers to reach out to support if they asked you first about removing their feedback.

Customer Support only removes feedback, which violates our Terms of Service (TOS).

Feedback that violates our TOS would contain false statements or abuse towards the seller.

Also despite it saying you can tell buyers to reach out to support if they ask about removing their feedback, you might get a warning for doing that too (Fiverr now says feedback can’t be removed - unless it’s against the TOS).


“Unfair” falls under subjective preference in terms of reviews and will unfortunately not be removed via CS. It may, however, put you under scrutiny for potential review manipulation.


Unfortunately I don’t think that OP can demonstrate that ’ I didn’t like it ’ it’s a false statement in this case…

  • Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback.
  • Only tell buyers to reach out to support if they asked you first about removing their feedback.

i didnt speak to buyer at all.

“Feedback that violates our TOS would contain false statements or abuse towards the seller.”
how is accepting my gig 3 days delivery then telling me in chat “it will be done in 1 day” is not abuse toward seller and against tos, (buyer agree to time delivery when buying gig) and then ordering me like slave to finish it in 1 day

it has nothing to do with it…

In this case you should’ve contact support when he asked you to deliver faster or simply explain to the buyer that you can deliver the files in the initial amount of time

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If what they did in chat/while doing the order was abuse to the seller that a separate thing from the review they left which isn’t abusive. If you wanted to report the other things you could maybe but that’s separate.

so basicly buyer can be mean to me, provide no info, use no revision, get good quality product for cheaper then he should paid, and leave bad review that has nothing to do with reality.
ok i understand thanks

I am not on the buyers side usually however always without exception the story has 2 sides…

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But from what I can see, the feedback doesn’t break the TOS. The feedback is simply that they didn’t like the work. That’s personal opinion - there isn’t much that Customer Support can argue against that. It’s not factual, because it doesn’t have to be. It’s opinion, nothing more. Buyers are allowed to leave their opinion of your work.

I’m not saying how you were treated is right, because it sounds like you’ve had a miserable experience… but I wouldn’t hold your breath about getting this feedback removed I’m afraid.