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Uncaring/Dishonest seller


I have had the unfortunate pleasure of working with one of the creative writers on this site. Everything was going fine in February when he started the project, or so I thought. The only time he was most helpful was when telling me how to pay him! I left him alone and did not contact him until the 14th with a specific scene I wanted to be in the book. He didn’t even reply to it until 7 days later with a “Hi There” so i’m not even sure he saw what I wrote or did what I told him to do for MY book. I asked him how the project was going and he did not reply until 3 days later saying he would send me a few chapters “very soon”. I gave him time and I did not message him again until March 2nd to which he didn’t reply. Then I messaged him on the 7th, The day of the DEADLINE, saying his lack of responses and recent negative reviews on his page were worrying me. He then responded hours later with none other than “Hi There”. This is absolutely abysmal behavior and not professional in the slightest! He doesn’t even reply when I can clearly see that he is online!!
I then sent the below attached message to him and never got a reply. What do I do about this guy? What is Fiverr planning to do about this? Also, on a weird side note, he said he lived in Manchester… now it says he lives in Nigeria!!

(Sorry. Had to remove the image because it “called him out” … as it should. Just wanted to warn others before they too fall into his trap)

UPDATE: Cancelled my order and got my money back in a day! :slight_smile:


I won’t make you happy, but I am pretty sure, you will never get delivery from him, or at least not what you wanted. Open dispute as soon as possible and find another seller. Firstly, he lied where he is from, now he doesn’t respond and also according to your screenshot, it seems to me, he has no clue about english language.



hey @daniellebrowne

looks like your seller used a VPN service to face his location.

You should contact customer support immediately, since there are plenty of red flags in your order, and by the looks of it you will probably miss your deadline.

However the forum rules do not allow calling out of users. please remove the image you posted and refrain from naming the seller.

you can re-upload the image if you cover the sellers name and/or any sensitive info.

P.S. I visited his profile for kicks and giggles, and his English is awful. How did he convince you he was from Manchester, and how did you trust him to write a book???



sorry for your experience. Like said above, open a dispute. Also, you’ll have to pixelate or something that seller’s name. But as you didn’t, here’s an advice for the next time. Do a reverse image search on a seller’s profile pic. This one is a frame from a shutterstock video “Handsome guy sitting on floor using laptop and drinking juice”. Now you’ve learned a bit about that person’s trustworthiness.

Also, there are 17 reviews on his ghostwriting gig. 5 are 1 stars with cancelled orders. Could have told you something :wink:


the seller’s name is also actually that of a semi-famous singer/song writer. :slight_smile:


I thought he was referring to the AI of Iron Man…


yeah, that’s what I thought initially but JARVIS was Rather Very Intelligent.

This seller was not. :slight_smile:


With so many great writers on Fiverr, you had to hire that guy?


Those reviews didn’t show up till recently. I trusted him because when I gave him the project, he had all 5 stars.


Wow… Sorry about your experience. Best advice I can provide you Is to simply open up a dispute with CS and cancel your order as soon as possible and also report that fraudster… PS, NEVER buy from someone who doesn’t reply in 2-7 days


The seller in question offers to write up to 10,000 words for $5.
I’m sorry you had a bad experience but really, what kind of quality service did you expect for this price?
If it seems too good to be true then it probably is


Seriously? …


10k for $5? lol. Dear me.


Really, what could be crazier than that?


10K for $5 means that the seller must live in 1920’s Bhutan and the buyer is a staunch communist. In either case, I love how the OP refers to their seller as uncaring, as personally, I find slavery itself very uncaring.



Anything else is rubbish! :tropical_drink: