Unchanging Gig Extras


A few days ago, a seller ordered one of my gigs with both extras. As I was working on the gig today, I noticed an inconsistency between the gig extras shown on the list of my orders and on the order itself. If you look on the list of orders in mission control, it shows the correct gig extras, but if you look on the order page itself, they are incorrect. I figured out that since I changed the extras in my gig, it is showing the new extras on the order. Shouldn’t the extras be consistent with the ones the buyer ordered, even if they have changed since then? It almost messed me up in delivering my order, so I ended up OD’ing and giving the buyer both extras.


I think there’s a lag in updating stuffs on the server. My problems are whenever I delivered an order, it still says “In Progress”. Within 24 hours (sometimes longer) then only it changed to “Delivered”. I guess your case is similar, the server takes time to update the info… not sure though…