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Unclickable Gig?

Hi Fiverr Community. I wanted to know if anyone has had this experience or know the reason for it. There are some gigs on Fiverr that are unclickable. You can’t go into the seller’s gig to contact them or to look at their profile. The response to clicking is “something has gone wrong”. Would anyone know the reason why the gigs would be unclickable for the unfortunate seller? This is a strange one.


That’s something new. I’ve never heard of that. Did you try refreshing the page in your browser and clicking again?

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Hi. Thanks for replying. It has nothing to do with the page. I can click on other sellers gigs and see their profile but I have a favorite gig that I just can’t access. It has been like this for the entire week.

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What about contacting the seller to let them know? Can you send them a message?

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Unfortunately, I have never communicated with this person so I don’t have them in my inbox. I just saved their gigs because I liked the gigs they have. Now I can’t access any of them but I can access gigs of other sellers. This is why it is strange.


That seller might be wondering why he/she never gets orders. If you want to send me the seller’s name/ID I can try it to see if it happens to me too. Or you could ask customer support about it.


Is that allowed in the forum?

Yes as long as I say it’s ok with me, which it is.

Fiverr Fiverr is the name on the gig.

Ok now remove the name. I thought you meant you would send it to me on my forum inbox. I will check it now but please edit your post to remove the sellers name.

Wow okay thanks. I’ll do that.

It works fine for me. I could click her gigs and also click on the contact button no problems so it’s something on your end.


I didn’t know the forum had an inbox for personal messaging.

Okay. Thanks for testing it out for me. I don’t know why that has happened though because no matter which device I use the response is the same. I definitely will have to contact fiverr support about that. Thank you so much.

By the way, when I click on your image in the forum. It says “this user’s public profile is hidden”. So I wouldn’t have been able to inbox you anyway. Thanks again for your help.

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Thanks, I must have forgotten I did that.

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Just an update on the unclickable gig. Found out that the gig I saved has been deleted and that was preventing me from accessing the person’s other gigs from my phone. I can see everything now on both my phone and pc. I simply unsaved the deleted gig. Lol .

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