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Uncomfortable buyer


Hello, I am sure, that all of us, have ever touched, a client, uncomfortable, of those who are very difficult to understand or satisfy.
Which council you could share to make a successful delivery.?


To be honest, if I saw that many red flags and had major communication issues, I probably wouldn’t go further. I try to catch that before they even order and avoid the issue.

If they have already ordered and there were communication issues, discomfort and early dissatisfaction, I would request a cancellation if possible.


It could be that both sides are having difficulties expressing themselves :thinking:


I usually try to find out about the difficult buyer even before they order, like @fonthaunt said. For me it’s easy to identify them now, as they start to ask for free sample and discounts. When these things occur, I make it very clear and blunt (but politely) about my prices that are fixed and about my websites where they can see my work for themselves.

If they find it too unpleasant my straight-forwardness, they walk away themselves, doing both of us a favor.

My mistake in the past was that I tried too much to satisfy an unsatisfiable client. :+1: Never again! Being comfortable of letting someone that is unfit for me go is good for business and mental health.


Great contribution, it takes a lot of vision or instinct to identify these cases, and to avoid a bad time, and waste of time,
And yes, communication is the basis of everything


The trick is seeing the red flags before they order. It’s not always easy. Recently I had a buyer who gave very broad instructions, I thought I understood what he wanted, but then I deliver and he requests a revision. I didn’t revise because I didn’t know how. It’s like delivering a chocolate cake and being told “I don’t like it,” and the buyer doesn’t even ask for a vanilla cake, or a strawberry cake, he just wants you to deliver another cake.


Or says “Make a better cake”.


There are others, more problematic than, they do not request revision, they only cancel, :angry:


Or “I expected much more, I could make cake like that myself” (ofc $5 order lol)


I agree with you there. That happens to me too and I’m sure it happens to all of us. If I spotted the flags after the order was placed but before I put much time into it, I’d probably cancel if my completion rate was doing okay. If it was after I had put work into it, I’d probably try to satisfy the order and take a bad review if I had to.

Nowadays I tend to look at my stats and see where I have wiggle room. I can’t do anything about the awful cancellation policy but I can try to position myself to get dinged where I can either afford it or make the fastest recovery! :disappointed:


I was at a 100% order completion rate (huge achievement for me), then I have to refund an order, and now I’m at 99%. It’s scary, in the old days, my order completion rate was 87%.


Yes, it’s scary. A bit of a balancing act! If they ever change the cancellation part of it so that there is a little more control, I think it will help some. Even then I suspect that with the 90% requirements most people will occasionally dip and have to re-level. I don’t have a clue if that’s permanent or if it’s a temporary house cleaning, but I’m going to treat it as though it’s permanent so that if it isn’t I’ll be pleasantly surprised. :open_mouth: