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Uncomplete Gigs

What do you do when you buy a gig and the person doesn’t deliver on time but they still posts up like they did, apologized for the delay?

Do you wait for that person to complete the gig, like I did and be out of $25 because the person skips out on you or cancel on them?

The that person goes unreachable, just disappears…smh

Why should I continue to be nice and give people a chance on here?

Some folks making most look bad on Fiver…:frowning:

I recommend cancel Late orders if you havent agreed to a delay PRIOR to the late clock, and maybe ask to see how things are going so far…

But yeah that’s a tuffy hearing that alot, cancel cancel, before they get your money, takes them 10-14 days or so to withdraw your funds so…fiverr CS and intercept, get CS help.


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