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Unconsidered gig review!

Hello everyone,
I’d like to know, Is the Gigs which (automatically marked as completed ) has unconsidered review!!!
I’ve completed a gig but the buyer was offline for 20 days or more,
after 3 days order was marked as completed then I don’t gain any review…


A review will have to be submitted by the buyer.

You’ll still receive the money from the project even without the buyer leaving a review.

Best of luck.


According to fiverr policy, delivered order will be marked as completed after 3 days, if buyer doesn’t respond to you. Fiverr use this so that you can get your hard earned money even if buyers fails to reply.

You can get rating only if buyer has accepted the delivery.


I recommend having a call to action when you deliver an order, asking the customer to leave a 5 star review if they are satisfied with the delivery (and to get in touch asap if they’re not, obviously). Some customers just can’t be bothered to take the time to leave a review (roughly 20% in my experience), but many - especially first-time users - might not even realise that they can leave a review. So always good to remind them.


I personally never ask for reviews. It just doesn’t feel right. Deliver the very best work you can and the reviews will come in accordingly. It is the best way to judge your work. Fiverr already prompts buyers to leave a review, so why would you need to add another? To me it sounds needy.


For me, its a way with checking in the the customer is completely satisfied. “IF you’re completely satisfied with your delivery, I would greatly appreciate you leaving a five star review as it really does make a difference”. Partly because a) It does make a difference, and b) it allows the customer the opportunity to ask for a revision if they have even the SLIGHTEST problem which might lead to them still accepting but leaving a 4 or even 3 star review. It’s completely how you phrase it as to whether it comes across as needy or showing you have a duty of care and the customers best interests at heart. But since I started doing it 6 months ago, the number of reviews left for my main gig has gone up by 25% and allowed my gig to surge up the rankings quicker as a result. Just my experience of course - each to their own!