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Uncooperative Seller


What do you when a piece of work to be completed within 24 hours, takes over 3 weeks? When simple design mods according to specific instructions are not done. And the seller has become uncommunicative, refusing to assist?

I’ve worked with some 20 Fiverr Sellers without an issue. The seller either does not understand the instructions provided in English, or is incapable of performing the task advertised (design). Fiverr does not appear to wish to intervene. Any thoughts?


Not all sellers are as communicative as we’d like them to be. Not sure what the other side of the story is, but they should at least let you know why they can’t make the modifications - even if it is just as simple as "that’s out of scope of my gig."

I personally don’t start working on an order until I am absolutely sure what my buyer is looking for. If it’s anything I’m not capable of, I go for a mutual cancellation.

If you feel ripped off, Fiverr’s Customer Support should be able to help you. And if you think you did get what you paid for, even though it’s not exactly what you were hoping for (might cost higher) you should probably just move on. Best of luck.


Thanks for feedback. The sell has now removed all their gigs “No gigs found …” and picture as well. The order was for a custom chat logo. The samples I saw were great. The work provided was not.


Waiting for three weeks is unacceptable, unless it’s mutually agreed upon. I am both a Seller and a Buyer, and I wouldn’t make my clients wait that long, unless something drastic happened.

I hope you were able to take it to support to get things situated. Please let us know how you made out with this issue!


The clock said the order would be cancelled if seller did not respond in 5 hours. No response. In 5 hours, it said 9 hours. Still no response. Nine hours passed. It stated 24 hours. Something is definitely wrong with Fiverr’s method of counting down, while adding hours – even without ANY feedback from the seller – who closed the Fiverr profile and ran.


I’m not a negative person. I’ve never had to give someone negative feedback. Yes it was due and paid with extras for time and quality. I’m following protocol and not stating names. Doesn’t Fiverr get involved when a seller rips off a buyer (with MANY buys and no prior issues). It’s almost enough to drive me from Fiverr and return to Freelancer.