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Uncoperative Buyer, what should I do?

Hi, how are you? Today I’m having one of my worst days as a Fiverr seller. I’m working with a repeating buyer, this is our fourth order together, the first three went well and without problems but he always was not very communicative, the orders went well because I usually hit the spot at the first version of the order.

My gig is about music production or beat remakes, the buyer can send me a beat and I’ll try to recreate it for it’s purposes. I usualy have very good reviews because I put a lot of effort into the orders, and this client always went happy with my works but today is making me stress a lot. He sent me a beat yesterday and asked me for a remake but avoiding copyright (this means I have to change vital parts of the song to avoid the automated copystrike youtube or any other platform system), I said yes, the beat was pretty easy to be honest, not too complex.

I sent him a first version and he replied this:


I asked him to be more specific, I explained to him that he requested me to avoid copyright so I had to make some changes, he didn’t answer quickly so I just made another version without any melodic change (all the melodies from the original were copied note by note, nothing was off) and then he said this to me:

I recognize that I answered a little pissed off, but really I was losing patience. He’s not even trying to explain what he wants, the beat I made is like a 90% as close as the original. That remaining 10% is because I don’t have the exact same sounds the original have but I tried my best to recreate everything and it really sounds super close to the original, at the end it’s a remake, it’s not an exact copy. So I’m super pissed off right now because he takes like 5 hours to answer a single message and don’t even try or effort into explain what he wants he just throw random words like “it’s not tuned” (my remake has same pitch, chord progression and notes) or “i want the same original sound” (almost impossible unless he knows which tools/samples the original producer used and can provide them to me, after all I’m not a proffesional sound designer) and then just saying that the effects were wrong… Really I don’t know what he wants, I might just cancel the order even if that affects my completion rate and my profile. I just needed to say this to someone and thought this forum would be a good option so I hope you understand me. Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading.

P.S: I need to clarify that between the first version and his last messages I sent him a lot of short demos of different sounds I was changing to make them as close as the original ones but he seems to ignore all of that, he just kept repeating “i want the original sound :)”.


I don’t know, if it were me I wouldn’t want to drag it on and just politely tell him that you don’t think you’re a good fit for this specific request. He seems hard to please for this certain order seeing that you’ve tried a lot of things to fit his request.

I understand you put your time and effort on this and if you wish to get paid, that may likely lead to a bad review (I am not sure, just saying there is a possibility). Not a fault of your own but your buyer’s difficulty in understanding that you did what was possible. So you will have to weigh in if you wish to get paid or you’d rather get this over with.

I’m sorry you’re going through this!


Thank you for your answer, he just answered me and asked me why I was upset. Once again I explained to him that his requests are vague and he’s not being specific, then he said something about the mix so it looks like now he’s trying to understand more what he wants specifically and I’m working on a last version. If this doesn’t work I might try to cancel the order.


Pffft, what an attitude, he sounds insufferable.

Anyways, you’re getting orders upon orders and only have two gigs up… a cancellation shouldn’t kill your reach that much in a field like audio or make you go under 90% completion rate just to miss this evaluation… technically… I wouldn’t think too much about it.

I went through my first real cancellation last month (buyer wasn’t polite and he had the nerve to tell me I wasn’t being professional, on my cheapest gig, while he was probably getting a very good delivery that day – bad move, buddy) and unfortunately even if I had three good orders just after that, it will apparently not be enough to keep my level. Bummer since I wanted to open more gigs, but my situation is different from yours. You’re safe to go if you’re not feeling it. He turned sour on you after some okay orders (which happens, because it happened to me too!) and it may be time for a block.


Thank you for your answer and for understanding. I sent him a last version and if he keeps answering with that attitude I will try to cancel the order. Thank you!


Can I make a polite recommendation? Your gigs are too cheap! Cheap gigs attract difficult buyers! :slight_smile:


and they were cheaper!! haha yes I underselled myself. I’m pretty sure that I will keep raising my prices through these times. Thank you :heart:

Update: I delivered that day to pause the clock since I had 6 hours of time left. I tried to make the best mix of the song and delivered. I told him to check the song and he didn’t replied for three days until today. He said: " appreciate it, have a nice day. " and then he accepted the delivery and left a review. I’m afraid that he might gave me a a negative review so I didn’t write mine yet. What should I do?

In the delivery message I told him to not accept the delivery if he didn’t feel satisfied. He had 6 revisions.

If you think the buyer is going to leave a harsh review, then let 'em have it and be entirely candid about your experience with him. Just be sure to immediately block the buyer afterwords so that he cannot place a malicious follow-up order with you.

I’ve only ever done this once, but it was well deserved for the amount of hoops I had to jump through to try to appease the guy.

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I gave him a 4 star review saying that we had difficulties but it worked.

He gave me a 5 star review but a 2 star in Seller Communication. Funny, because I was trying to be the most communicative person ever, asking him all the time about his requierements or requests. I left my answer without mincing words with all the details and blocked him.

I’d say you were too generous to him.

If you know things are going south, you unload both barrels full blast and wait for the smoke to clear. :boom: