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I’m new to Fiverr. I bought two gigs from two sellers who communicated with me before I hit the ‘buy’ button. Now that I have, I haven’t heard a word from either one…no confirmations. One has said he needed further information, but when I went to the page for ‘further requirements’ the button was essentially dead…nothing happened.

Is there a resolution center at Fiverr or am I at the mercy of these sellers? What recourse do I have other than disputing the purchase at Pay Pal? Does a seller control the ‘further requirements’ function (in other words, could he be postponing the gig using that functionality? Please let me know if this has happened to you…is it a common occurrence on Fiverr?

As a seller, we have NO control over anything on the buyer’s interface, refunds or the closure/completion of orders.
Try refreshing your browser and if it persists try a different browser. If that doesn’t work, refer the bug issue to Fiverr Customer Support and let them take it from there.
I still think you should give the sellers a chance :slight_smile:
Good Luck!

Could be a glitch, contact CS if your sellers aren’t responding at all. I’ve never ordered a gig from here, but “further requirements” sounds like a form that needs to be filled in re: what you expect your seller to achieve in the gig. Could be a technical glitch.

Anecdote time: sometimes my buyers don’t get my autoresponder at all. Most will quickly inbox me to ask what to do next, some will start shrieking about my crappy advertising (?) and some just disappear. I recommend the first option followed by CS if no response. After all, Fiverr’s been upgrading its systems lately so your order may have slipped though a crack.

I agree that you should try to talk to your sellers. I just had a buyer place an order and I got no notifications that it had been placed (apps didn’t show a badge, no email) - there are definitely some technical glitches happening right now.

Do not dispute the purchase at Paypal! Fiverr dislikes that and they will ban you from the site (or something to that extent), you can cancel this order (And get your money back via Fiverr credits) by going to the “Resolution Center” at the order page. Or you can go directly and bring your concerns to --> Customer Support … send them a ticket and they will respond to you within a day or so… (sometimes more than a few days if they’re busy.)

I think it’s important to note that you, the buyer, and Fiverr are the only two bodies that have control over the further requirements function. The seller doesn’t have any control over it, except requiring that it be filled out before the order is actually placed and enters their queue.

When did you actually “buy” the gig and pay the money?

You will not necessarily get messages from the sellers. Until the days are up. HOw many days does their gig say it will be delivered in?

You should get an automated email from Fiverr saying the gig has been orders and payment made, did you get that? If you did then do not worry just yet. And for the seller that said they needed further requirements are you saying you were not able to actually send them a message giving them the answers?

If so then contact Customer Support and have them look into it.

I agree with the above comments, also note sellers aren’t going to be on 100% unless they are making more than what they make at their jobs. They do have a life outside fiverr, and if the time says 2 days or whatever time frame you must wait or message them asking what’s going on. If no response within the time frame request a cancelation. If the seller still doesn’t respond contact customer support and tell them of the troubles your having. I wish you the best