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Under maintenance problem

Does anybody know when this under maintenance thing is ending? It has been over a month and because of this I’m not getting a single order since all this started and it is freaking me out.

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To what are you referring? What is “under maintenance” that is stopping you get earning orders? Because I am not familiar with anything on this site that is keeping you from getting more orders.

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Indeed. Which isn’t stopping him from earning any orders. :wink:

@faseehzafar, the only thing stopping you from earning orders, is the amount of dedication you choose to put into earning those orders. You don’t need to know your analytics to earn orders.

so it means one more month down the drain

But lots of people are still getting orders - the gig analytics have nothing to do with that. If you’re not getting orders, it’s for another reason.

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I agree! The gig analysis is not the issue.