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Under-ordering on gigs

Some advise please, good Fiverrians!

I’ve had a real run of buyers under-ordering on their work, for example, only paying for a $5 script and then sending me a $10 script. When I point it out to them, I’m usually told “Well, I only have $5 budget” and then they refuse my gig extra. So I’m left with two things to do - either to cancel the order, upping my cancellation percentage, or doing the work at a cut price, which isn’t fair on me.

What am I doing wrong here? I’ve had four of these buyers in one week and it’s getting a touch annoying now! How can I discourage these buyers from coming to me?



One thing comes to my mind. Raise your base price to $10.


I see what you’re saying, but a lot of my work comes in small $5 orders by buyers who do actually play by the rules. So I wouldn’t want to use my regular buyers.

That’s totally fair.

I faced a similar experience before and found that those $5 orders (without gig extras) gave me the most headaches.

If your headaches are light and rare, then by all means keep it $5. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s true, those ones are the biggest headaches.

I cannot understand not wanting to pay the price for work. If you don’t have the money, don’t order! I wouldn’t go to the supermarket and try to buy groceries on the cheap, telling the people behind the tills that I only have a certain budget and although my shopping goes way above it, I still expect them to let me walk away with the whole amount! That’s basically robbery.

I have contacted CS to ask them to cancel the order with no ill effects on my stats, but I don’t hold out much hope. In the meantime, I have CheapBuyer’s order sitting on my dashboard with the deadline clock ticking :frowning:

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It is my suggestion that it is very annoying and unfair to you as a Seller. I would say raise your prices to the next level. I agree with you; if you do not have the budget to order, then don’t. Very simple.

Start charging $10 with no $5 gigs.

You are attracting terribly cheap people who cause the problem you are describing. People who can pay $5 can also afford to pay $10. You may actually earn more.

When I raised my prices I lost long time clients who regularly paid $5 but gained others who paid $10. I did less work for more overall pay.