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Under "settings" > "account" is the DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT BUTTON

Is the DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT button greyed out for everyone? Mine is.

Just wondered.

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Yes, mine is not active as well. But there is a message “Please withdraw your revenues before deactivating your account.” Perhaps after withdrawal, the button will be active again.


Ok Thank you, just wondered.

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Mine is greyed out unless I choose a reason I’me leaving. Then it turns green. :slight_smile:

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Are things so bad people are thinking about leaving? :slight_smile:

Well we have discussed having to shut down since we can’t get our money.

We put in tremendous work here and don’t think we can go on much longer without income.

Really? You can’t have your money? Las time I cashed out was about 2 months ago, via payoneer

There is a limit of $5000 on how much you can withdraw. And we are not sure at this point if we ever will be able to withdraw anything again.

really? was this communicated by fiverr? Is there a discussion about this somewhere?

You can cast a money spell on yourself lOl :joy::money_mouth_face:

Don’t give up, I am sure fiverr team will found the issue.

just go on vacation mode

Fiverr says “thank you for your patience. Our tech team is looking at this.” At one point they said “our finance department is looking at this” until I sent the video of the Paypal button not working and said it seemed to be a technical glitch.

I requested more information, and to have it escalated but so far, it has not happened.

So now each day we wonder if we should continue working. We have spells to cast and orders keep coming in.

What about payoneer? I left Paypal a few years ago - they were crucial in the past 10-15 years, not anymore.

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That is a possibility IF that even works.

I am using Payoneer for 2 years now, and works like a charm! It became increasingly difficult to spend paypal, many merchants simply does not take it, and paypal’s currency conversion rates are just a ripoff.

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I am sorry but again …why don’t you just switch to a different withdrawal method as it had been suggested by so many in various of your posts?


you should withdraw your earnings first (pending clearance too)

I still cannot believe that, after two weeks, they are still no closer to resolving the issue for you. If you leave, then they are losing obvious revenue. One would stand to reason that doing this would not be in their best interest. For heaven’s sake, how hard is it to do a manual withdrawal and send it to you? If they try that and it fails to get into your PP account, then maybe they can see why for themselves. Maybe they can see where the glitch is.

One would think common sense would dictate here, but doesn’t look like it.



First I was told for a week it was a Paypal problem until I sent a message Paypal sent me saying my account was ok there. Then was told it was being looked into by the finance department until I sent the screencast I made of me pressing the Paypal button repeatedly, and said it was a technical problem.

So it’s possible they don’t want to spend the time on it. I don’t have any idea what’s going on, and the only thing I’ve been told is there is no block on my fiverr account.
There is no problem with my Paypal account. And they will let me know when they have an update.

I did find one other person who had this happen, but in her case it was a block put on her account due to an unhappy buyer. It got lifted when she refunded him.

But I continue to hold out hope this will be fixed for now. I’m sure they are working on it.

Oh, no! WOW! This is the last thing I was expecting to read from you. :astonished:
However, I understand why, you having to close up shop because of these circumstances that are beyond your control – really wouldn’t be fair at all.

Hang in there!

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We would continue longer if it were not for the $5000 limit on what can be withdrawn. But to have that much in an account and not be able to withdraw it, and see it increasing every day, makes us consider all possibilities.

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