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Under "settings" > "account" is the DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT BUTTON

I just find it baffling that this issue is still lingering, one would think there MUST be a way to rectify this issue.

It’s worth a shot, I mean they could make an exception here.

I asked them about that and they said they don’t do that. I’ve also asked to escalate this, but have had messages from the CS team leaders that they are working on it and won’t do that. This was really doing well too for January and February.

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Sorry to know that @misscrystal :anguished: Thought the problem must have been resolved somehow.

At this point you should really consider withdrawal via Payoneer. We can understand why you are so hesitant - but you may take all care. Like, open a thread if people have any issues in withdrawing large amounts via Payoneer and contact Payoneer support before initiating the first transfer etc.

Also, do consider putting the account in vacation mode and stop accepting new assignments from old clients - this may prevent funds getting accumulated and hit the upper limits for funds transfers.

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Well then I would lose TRS probably.

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What’s stopping you from trying Payoneer? It’s the only option left to try.

If you’re concerned about addresses not matching up on your ID, a trip to the DMV could easily solve this problem. I think you mentioned something like this before in the other thread.

Could be. But at least that is better than closing the account in it’s entirety. You can always get the TRS back the next month.

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Yes I already took care of that. There is no problem with the ID at this point.

It’s not just me in this decision process, but two other ladies I work with. We are coming at this very thoughtfully. All possibilities are under consideration.

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Oh, that’s good. I’m sure with other two ladies being apart of your coven. This just makes thing worse. Especially if bills need to be paid and whatnot.

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I think my best selling gigs are showing in the top rows of our category at least. We have seen no reduction lately in sales. On the contrary, sales are booming. It’s quite a strange situation. To be so successful and so highly rated, with a solid reputation, and yet be considering shutting down. But life is strange sometimes.


How to deactivate account