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Understand the value of a single offer to buyer requests

Hi there,
Good morning.
This is my 8th day on fiverr…so I’m really new and not much experience to address you as a adviser…But hopefully a small trick that I taught may helpful to all my fiverr new friends… As a new seller for this 8 days I completed 8 orders. so how? I used my all 10 offers for buyers request daily from the beginning.

They are like diamonds.Understand the value of them.So don’t waste them by offering on unnecessary request…use them very carefully with 100% understanding with request.

thank you for looking at me. Spears

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if your positive rating will be less than 90 than you did not send any offer. please maintain your positive rating.

If you have the confidence yourself you can do it with less than 90% can try…because there’s nothing by staying without offering requests while something with offering requests

whats this I have been on fiverr 30 mins and I’m posting tips for sellers.

The image you are using is of a 12 year old girl and its not you and one of the agencies representing her are buyers here on fiverr. I suggest you change it pronto and clear off with your nonsense.

thanks for words!

But as a newbie, most of the requests you see in “Buyers’ requests” are not from buyers actually. They are requests by new sellers who mistakenly post their gig in the request area(like they do not know most features of fiverr and confuse between the two).

What to do then? Offers cannot ge utilized the way you are suggesting.

Fiverr should change their rules seriously. They should ask us to verify our identity (with passport, driver license etc) and when we change our pic profile we have again to verify our identity accordingly to our profile pic. This could help buyers don’t get scammed by guys using fake girls accounts who tries to get more sales.

  1. unprofessional
  2. fake
  3. fake again
  4. seriously?

cant you filter request and advertisement from buyers request??

HEY.that’s not related to me…I just wanted to Share an idea to increase sales of YOU.

Yes it is related to you because you were using a photo of a 12 year old child model, which you have now changed. Lets see where you copied this one from. oh yes here / and your are still using an image of a 12 year old model on one of your gigs.

You cannot use Buyer Requests at lower than 90%. Get your facts straight before writing.


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LMAO he changed her pic =))))

Believe me, most of them knows exactly what is buyer request for. They put their gigs to attract new buyers