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Understanding Amazon A9 Ranking Signals: Fix your Amazon listing by tweaking these 5 things

This post presents the basics of Amazon’s A9 ranking algorithm. What factors determine rankings and how can you improve your product’s visibility?

There is a wide range of information online about Amazon’s rankings. And there are evidently a lot of services that boast about their ability to shoot up your rankings in a month. Some deliver while most do not. But when you understand Amazon’s ranking system (and it’s not as complex as it seems), you’ll understand that you need not pay huge fees to secure the “elusive” bsr ranking on Amazon. You only need to understand a few Amazon product ranking factors.

Just like Google uses about 200 factors to determine what page gets the first page. Amazon also uses about a dozen. It’s easy to imagine that Google’s ranking would be stricter than Amazon’s because Google is the biggest search engine while Amazon is the biggest ecommerce store. They have different priorities. While Google is after getting better at streamlining search results based on searcher intent, Amazon isn’t spending too much on its search AI. There are other things like logistics, billing, warehouses and operations to worry about. So its easier to keep our eyes on a few ranking factors, like, what products are getting the most action and what products are similar to these.

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