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Understanding Buyer Requests

I’m a new seller and I was hoping if someone could help clarify for me what buyer requests are for. Are they for sellers to offer their services to buyers? Or are they for buyers to request services from sellers? Thanks in advance!

Buyer requests is only for buyers to post requests for what they want to buy. While many sellers do try to advertise there it is against the rules and useless since buyers cannot see what sellers post there.

Fiverr does warn and then ban sellers who advertise in buyer requests, but there are so many that it will take some time to get rid of all of them. The sellers doing it are also using up their own 10 bids by doing it, so at least those who don’t use it incorrectly have all their bids to use correctly. :slight_smile:

As the name suggests, buyer requests, is for the buyers who want to request a service. If you are a seller, never ever use that section for posting request or advertising. Doing so would result in suspension of your account. However, you can use buyer request section to bid on 10 requests daily. Utilize your bids wisely and bid only on the ones you think you are 100% confident about. Communication is the key to succeed.

Good luck.