Understanding Buyers Psyche


Whenever a buyers send you his/her first message, Analyse it, and try to understand the psyche of your buyer.
for example
if the buyer has written a long message with a full description of the order and pointing out small details, reply in a similar way. reply to the buyer with a message describing your work and the format you are providing. Write a same length message with all the small details mentioned.
But if you see that the buyers first message is shot and to the point then you can conclude that the buyer don’t like or can’t read lengthy replies (maybe because he is busy or anything else). Reply briefly to that buyer and in first line point out the most important points of your message then you can write the other details afterwards.

In this way you may make a good impression on the buyer as he/she find you of the similar nature. THe buyer may have feeling that you understand his/her need and way of working.

i HOPE this points help everyone in improving their communication skills.
Please do leave a comment. i would love to hear your side. Criticism is also welcomed :slight_smile:



In general–great tip. :slight_smile:


thankyou Mae :slight_smile: i have always tried it and it works.


Nice post! What about understanding psycho buyers?


Just want to state, this is terrible precedent.

No matter how the buyer responds, your task is not to mimic their actions, but to find out relevant bits of information to understand what they want, and start working on the order (<< you owe it to yourself). Otherwise it leads to to and fro communication where both buyer and seller keep running around in circles without the ‘call to action’ being heeded.

Your time is short and valuable and not unlimited. Chatting with one troubled buyer, (and I use ‘troubled’ much in the way @misscrystal used it) will drain your time and energy.

Imagine just 2 X (such messages) daily, X 365 days of the year. You will have listened to 700 people a year. Do you have that kind of free time? If so, there’s this site called 7CupsOfTea, it needs volunteers to listen to people.


great info…thanks…


I guess NONE of us will never understand psychos…unless we are psychos ourselves (oh wait, I AM a bit psycho in a way…) or bring in a psychologist and have them examine those sellers. I must admit, after watching several seasons of Criminal Minds I somewhat understands what creates a psycho serial killer, but I wonder what created psycho buyers!

insert Criminal Minds theme music with our Fiverr avatars in the back instead of mugshots


Lols well i am lucky i never met one so can’t suggest anything related to psycho buyers :stuck_out_tongue:

my pleasure @noyonmeya


i agree with you but that’s when we have an order placed then we should stop wasting time on chats and focus on our orders …But most of us get buyers who send a similar message to 10 sellers and then select anyone of them for the order. In that circumstances we have to make an impression in the first message so for that this tip works.