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Understanding Customers Please?


I wish customers would be a little bit more understanding sometimes :frowning: I have a few days very late on multiple deliveries because they have ordered perhaps 80 gigs at a time (4 customers have done that). I takes 30 mins a gig on average. Then I have standard deliveries :frowning: I have worked 2 x stretches of 36 hours so far with 8 hours sleep in between (constant writing when i have been awake) and people still insist I am not getting them in quick enough :frowning: and now my backlog is going up even more :o thankfully this is my full time job, but still. Customers that leave a message every 10 mins asking where their orders are = not fun! (and makes me quite sad really as I wish I could enter). Now, many people will say “why not pause your gig when all those orders came in” well, I did for 5 days after! but obviously 240 gigs = 120 hours work. and there isn’t enough time in the day :frowning:


The problem is, most of the orders come in when I sleep at night (hence why I got so many without pausing). I can handle everything after these so no need to pause (nothing due till Saturday now) but it is just crazy how much people expect you to do, and then have the cheek to complain you are far too late :frowning: thankfully nobody cancels as they can’t. Most of the time it is e-book rewrites and thus they need me to do it anyway as it would be in the style (i hand in whenever I complete 8 gigs) but still :frowning:


sigh people dont understand

me: Hey,

I haven’t forgotton about you :slight_smile: I have just written for I think 36 hours straight now on back orders :frowning: and see no sign of getting through them. I will get to yours though :slight_smile:


them: Okay. Can you get to them today?

Apparently I am a machine :smiley: sigh


Hire few friends to help…


Reply to @cybercube: I don’t trust people to write for me :frowning: Thankfully I have had no order in 2 days which means they will slow down a tad now.